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Week 1
(1–7 Jan.)
Watercolour on Mapzen Sevilla map.jpg
English Detail from a watercolour map of Seville, created by Andrew McGuire as a Christmas present for his wife. Hand-painted upon an OpenStreetMap base-map via Mapzen. ±
Week 2
(8–14 Jan.)
Jakarta village office maps.jpg
English As part of the InAWARE project by HOT in Indonesia, 500 framed OpenStreetMap maps were delivered to village offices around Jakarta, to help officials identify infrastructure in their area. Previously many such offices used rough hand-drawn maps. ±
Week 3
(15–21 Jan.)
What the Street - LA car parks.png
English Car parks take up a lot of space within our cities. What The Street visualises this and other uses of city space for cars, trains, and cycles using OpenStreetMap data. ±
Week 4
(22–28 Jan.)
OSM logo cookie cutter.jpg
English Christian Quest's latest creation is a 3D printed OpenStreetMap logo shaped cookie-cutter! ±
Week 5
(29 Jan. – 4 Feb.)
Image manquante 2.svg
English No image was featured this week. ±
Week 6
(5–11 Feb.)
English A map of lighthouses all over the world mapped on OpenStreetMap, made by Arun Ganesh (planemad). See also the interactive map on MapBox. ±
Week 7
(12–18 Feb.)
Missing Maps London Feb 2018.jpg
English Sharing OpenStreetMap editing techniques at the regular Missing Maps Project event in London. ±
Week 8
(19–25 Feb.)
Karlsruhe Hack Weekend - Feb 2018.jpg
English Working on OpenStreetMap tech at the Karlsruhe Hack Weekend. ±
Week 9
(26 Feb. – 4 Mar.)
Open Data Day2018Map.png
English This year Open Data Day will be celebrated on March 3rd and there are already 406 events registered all around the world. Many of them will have activities related to OpenStreetMap. smile Check out the map and participate in an event near you! ±
Week 10
(5–11 Mar.)
English Colorful exploration of OpenStreetMap buildings data on the MIT Campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts, United States. Map produced by Curran Kelleher [1]. ±
Week 11
(12–18 Mar.)
English Beautiful 3D visualization of Manhattan's OpenStreetMap data. Made by Matteo Prati using the open source software Blender. Check out other images in his website. ±
Week 12
(19–25 Mar.)
English Diversity of OpenStreetMap retail and services in Nice, Alpes-Maritimes, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur, France. Orange tiles indicate a high diversity, while purple tiles indicate a low diversity. Image produced by Alessandro Venerandi. ±
Week 13
(26 Mar. – 1 Apr.)
Touch Mapper Kartta kasissa.jpg
English Touch Mapper (touch-mapper.org) lets you create a 3D printed maps based on OpenStreetMap data. Tactile maps like this can be used for navigation by the blind. ±
Week 14
(2–8 Apr.)
Far east wall map.jpg
English A huge printed map in an office in Russia. Made by Dmitry Afonin with QGIS using OSM data. More photos and more maps. ±
Week 15
(9–15 Apr.)
English OpenStreetMap France (a local chapter of the OpenStreetMap Foundation) was present at “Les Journées du logiciel libre”, a free software event that was held on Lyon, France, on 24–25 March 2018. Picture by Sylvain Maillard. ±
Week 16
(16–22 Apr.)
2018 Gather sanitation event.jpg
English Calculating routing distances to sanitation facilities in Lusaka, Zambia. A project presented at Gather Data Dive. ±
Week 17
(23–29 Apr.)
English HOT Board Member Kuo-Yu slayer Chuang introducing the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team and Missing Maps Project to hundreds of participants in Taipei American School Mapathon. One of the biggest Mapathons ever held in Taiwan. ±
Week 18
(30 Apr. – 6 May)
English Thematic map of street names by gender in Digne-les-Bains (Alpes-de-Haute-Provence, France), made in the “Dessine ta ville” (Draw your city) workshop for the “Libre en fête 2018” event organized by Linux-Alpes (apitux.org). ±
Week 19
(7–13 May)
English OpenStreetMap on a public bus in Málaga, Spain. Spotted by Nick Doiron. ±
Week 20
(14–20 May)
SOTM Poland 2018 montage.jpg
English State of the Map Poland 2018 took place last month in Poznań. ±
Week 21
(21–27 May)
English City Maps – a coloring book for adults”, by Gretchen Peterson, is another very creative use of OpenStreetMap data. ±
Week 22
(28 May – 3 Jun.)
DE biergarten - 3D barplot.png
English A 3D barplot showing occurrences of biergartens within the OpenStreetMap data for Germany. This and a range of other visualisations were created with this Blender/Python project by Nikolai Janakiev. ±
Week 23
(4–10 Jun.)
OSMUK AGM 2018.jpg
English OSMUK held their first AGM recently, with an Open Data Manchester event alongside. ±
Week 24
(11–17 Jun.)
OSMUK AGM 2018.jpg
English OSMUK held their first AGM recently, with an Open Data Manchester event alongside. ±
Week 25
(18–24 Jun.)
FIFA World Cup 2018 Stadiums.png
English Our maps of the 12 venues of the 2018 FIFA World Cup in Russia. ±
Week 26
(25 Jun. – 1 Jul.)
Image manquante 2.svg
English Description missing. ±