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Week 1
(1–7 Jan.)
Watercolour on Mapzen Sevilla map.jpg
English Detail from a watercolour map of Seville, created by Andrew McGuire as a Christmas present for his wife. Hand-painted upon an OpenStreetMap base-map via Mapzen. ±
Week 2
(8–14 Jan.)
Jakarta village office maps.jpg
English As part of the InAWARE project by HOT in Indonesia, 500 framed OpenStreetMap maps were delivered to village offices around Jakarta, to help officials identify infrastructure in their area. Previously many such offices used rough hand-drawn maps. ±
Week 3
(15–21 Jan.)
What the Street - LA car parks.png
English Car parks take up a lot of space within our cities. What The Street visualises this and other uses of city space for cars, trains, and cycles using OpenStreetMap data. ±
Week 4
(22–28 Jan.)
Image manquante 2.svg
English Description missing. ±