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Use this template to make a fancy colored box around a bus route number.


  • For normal buses that run all day, you can use the following shorthand: {{Linjanumero|28}}
  • For routes with a letter prefix, use the etukirjain parameter. Example (route Y28): {{Linjanumero|28|etukirjain=Y}}
  • For routes with a letter suffix, use the jalkikirjain parameter. Example (route 92A): {{Linjanumero|92|jalkikirjain=A}}
  • To display a night or rush hour only bus in a different color, use the tyyppi parameter. Permissible values are päivä, paiva for day buses (implied if tyyppi is not present), ruuhka for rush hour buses, seutu for regional buses, and , yo for night buses. Night buses are shown in black, rush hour buses in green and regional buses in gray. Example: {{Linjanumero|28|etukirjain=Y|tyyppi=yö}}

Prefixes and suffixes are rendered in a slightly smaller font size.

The colors and styling used by this template are mainly relevant for buses in Tampere.