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LRM U+200E left-to-right mark


{{lrm}} adds an invisible character with strong L-to-R directionality. It has the same effect as when adding a straight Latin letter: all weak and neutral characters (numbers, punctuation) following this mark are supposed to be in L-to-R direction. Following means: in logical, or entering, or time, order. The character solves ambiguous situations, when punctuation characters are between R-to-L and L-to-R scripts.

see Template:Lrm on Wikipedia


code result description
{{fa|+۷}} Incorrect. Plus sign is typed before 7 but displayed after it.
{{fa|{{lrm}}+۷}} ‎+۷ Correct. Plus sign is typed before 7 and displayed before it.
Numbers in Persian are written left-to-right, so the plus sign should be before it.
{{fa|فایل .gpx از مسیر}} فایل .gpx از مسیر Incorrect
{{fa|فایل {{lrm}}.gpx از مسیر}} فایل ‎.gpx از مسیر Correct


{{نچر}} - ن‍‍شانه‌گذار چ‍‍پ به راست

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