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There are many genres of theatre. They show different performances. On some you see actors, on others you can listen to music, others show figures or puppets.

Put all these diversities into the OSM-Data please.

Key Value Element Comment Rendering example Photo

Speech theatre

theatre:genre drama node area A drama theatre.
Teatr Powszechny in Warszawa
theatre:genre comedy node area A comedy theatre.
Teatr Komedia in Warszawa

Music theatre

theatre:genre opera node area An Opera house.
Royal Opera House in London
theatre:genre musical node area A Musical theatre.
theatre:genre ballet node area A Ballet theatre.
Novosibirsk KrasnyPr Opera Theatre
theatre:genre philharmonic node area A theatre for orchestral performances.
Amazonas Philharmonic
theatre:genre chamber_music node area A theatre for soloist or small ensemble music performances.

Figure or puppet theatre

theatre:genre figure node area A figure theatre.
theatre:genre puppet node area A puppet theatre.
theatre:genre marionette node area A theatre with figures hanging on strings.
theatre:genre shadow_play node area The figures are shadows.

Other types of theatre

theatre:genre cabaret node area A cabaret.
theatre:genre boulevard node area A boulevard theatre.
theatre:genre circus node area A circus.
theatre:genre stand_up_comedy node area A stand_up_comedy.
theatre:genre political node area A political theatre.
theatre:genre variety node area Theater with a series of different types of acts, such as singing, dancing, and comedy, in the same show.

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