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This template is used to link to a WikiBase item. If the item has a permanent key ID (P16) statement then it will use that value as the label. Otherwise, it will use the 'en' label.


{{O | entity id }}


tag (Q2)
{{O|Q2}}tag (Q2)
bridge:movable=bascule (Q888)
{{O|Q888}}bridge:movable=bascule (Q888)
bridge:movable=bascule (Pont basculant) (Q888)
{{O|Q888|fr}}bridge:movable=bascule (Pont basculant) (Q888) (in French)
bridge:movable=bascule (Q888)
{{O|Q888||P6}}bridge:movable=bascule (Q888) (scrolls to status (P6) statement)
bridge:movable=bascule (Q888)
{{O|Q888|de|P6}}bridge:movable=bascule (Q888) (in German and scrolls to status (P6) statement)
Shape_Area (Q1001)
{{O|Q1001}}Shape_Area (Q1001)
instance of (P2)
{{O|P2}}instance of (P2)
key for this tag (P10)
{{O|P10}}key for this tag (P10)

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