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{{OSMB|object latitude|object longtitude|zoom level|name of link}}

OSMB is template that generates link to exact view of bbox in OSM Buildings from latitude, longitude and zoom level given. You can type name of your link too.


Simple type where you want: {{OSMB|object latitude|object longitude|zoom level|name of link}} where:

  • latitude is in format: (+/-) **.*****
  • longitude is in format: (+/-) **.*****
  • zoom level is in between 0-18 (3D begins from level 15)
  • and name of link you want (if should stay blank, just leave blank ;)


Example 1

you type: {{OSMB|15.00000|20.00000|12|Example 1}}


you type: {{OSMB|-21.00000|-10.00500|18|}}

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