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  • {{{1}}} {{olympic_coverage_stars_{{{2}}}}} [[wikipedia:{{{3}}}|{{{3}}}]] at {{{4}}}, {{{5}}}. {{{7}}}

Inferred description of template

As of 30 March 2012, this template is used on only one page (albeit multiple times), London Olympics Venues. The template allows description of facilities at an Olympic venue, one per line. The template supports seven parameters:

  1. Sport
  2. a #Star rating
  3. en.wikipedia link ... the parameter requires a wikipedia article name, either with spaces or with '_' in place of spaces
  4. latitude
  5. longitude
  6. OSM zoom factor
  7. Comment related to the OSM object at the OSM coordinates

The template renders as a bulletted line on a wiki page containing an en.wikipedia link and an OSM map link with additional plain text rendered; see the page London Olympics Venues for rendering examples.

Star rating

  • 1: ★ No distinct features of the site are visible on map

  • 2: ★★ Site is visible as a generic area, with well-mapped road network

  • 3: ★★★ Stadium building appears on the map, with major roads and footways leading to building

  • 4: ★★★★ Including detail of paths, steps, grass areas, fences, trees...

  • 5: ★★★★★ Full detail, including on-site surveys to list fast-food vendors, loos, etc.

Empty syntax

{{olympic| | | | | | | }}