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This template can be used for inserting permanent links to relations which refer to public transport. It uses the Overpass API to generate the links.

It takes the parameters "network" and "ref".


wiki code produces
{{OverpassPTRelation|101|network=saarVV|ref=101}} relation 101 (map view, sketch line, XML, JOSM, history, analyze)
{{OverpassPTRelation|101|tools=josm|network=saarVV|ref=101}} relation 101 (JOSM)
{{OverpassPTRelation|101|tools=no|network=saarVV|ref=101}} relation 101
{{OverpassPTRelation|101|tools=short|network=saarVV|ref=101}} 101 (m s x j h a)
{{OverpassPTRelation|101|tools=mini|network=saarVV|ref=101}} 101

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