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Parameter name Required? Purpose
id Optional The id which is also used by the trigger, defaults to routes
tools Optional See Template:Relation, defaults to no
1 Optional First relation ID
2 Optional Second relation ID
3 Optional Third relation ID
10 Optional Tenth relation ID
label1 Optional The label of the first relation
label2 Optional The label of the second relation
label3 Optional The label of the third relation
label10 Optional The label of the tenth relation


Please note, that you would probably want to add a link which triggers the (un-)collapse of the relations. This can be done by inserting <span class="mw-customtoggle-routes">[[#|Example]]</span> anywhere in your article. [[#|Example]] can be replaced with anything you want. However, it is more intuitive for users to use a link. You can insert as many triggers as you want.

If you have set id then you will have to use <span class="mw-customtoggle-{{{id}}}">[[#|Example]]</span> with {{{id}}} replaced with the id you have used.


Click here to (un-)collapse everything with the default id
Click here to (un-)collapse everything with the id iamspecial

Input Output
relation 7884258
relation 7884259
{{PTCollapsibleRoutes|1=7884258|label1==> Füllengarten Siedlung|2=7884259|label2==> Dudweiler Dudoplatz}}
relation => Füllengarten Siedlung
relation => Dudweiler Dudoplatz
relation 7884258
relation 7884259