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Makes a permanent link to an object in OSM, based on semantics.

For example, {{PTRoute|network=VRS|ref=636}} finds all relations that have network set to VRS and ref set to 636. This has the advantage over a direct link that the link remains intact even if somebody remaps the relation.

The template controls which attributes can be used for a semantic search. This templates describes public transport relations, and for those, a combination of the values of network and ref is almost always unique.

This is one of several specializations of Template:Relation2.


  • {{PTRoute|network=VRS|ref=636}} ==> relation OSM

  • {{PTRoute|network=VRR|ref=CE 62}} ==> relation OSM

  • {{PTRoute|network=VRR|ref=CE 62|Linkname=CE 62}} ==> relation CE 62