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This template can show the percentage values on background red for negative values and green for positive values. It is derived from Template:Progress.

The intensity of background color vary depending of the amount of variation, inside the +/- 5% it is light, inside the +/- 15% it is middle intensity and over 15% of variation it is intense.

How it will look like

Of course there will appear your percentage in front of the percent sign.

Range Display Comment
(empty) ? status unknown
below -15 -22% very negative
-5 to -15 -9% negative
less than 0 to -5 -2% barely negative
0 0% stable
more than 0 to 5 3% barely positive
5 to 15 12% positive
over 15 36% very positive


Everything before:

| Something

This is the table cell having a coloured background:

| {{Template:Percentage change|[here comes your percentage]}}

Everything after:

| Something

The percentage can be an integer or a float. E.g. 11.2 works as well. The table cells after the template cannot be inserted on same line divided by double bar, so pay attention to insert a newline just after the template and restart the new line of the table with a single vertical bar.