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Kuchnia (według rodzaju deseru)

Kuchnia, sklasyfikowana według rodzaju deseru lub przystawki.

Klucz Wartość Element Opis Odwzorowanie Ilustracja
cuisine bagel węzeł obszar A dense bread baked in a donut shape; sometimes sliced and used for a sandwich (Bagel).
cuisine biscuit węzeł obszar Biscuit (also crisp cookies) is a term used for a variety of primarily flour-based baked food products. In the Commonwealth of Nations and Europe, it is typically hard, flat and unleavened. (Biscuit)
Wheat biscuit.jpg
cuisine bougatsa węzeł obszar Common in Greece. Phyllo dough bread with spinach, cheese or custard cream, similar to a strudel.
cuisine bubble_tea węzeł obszar Tea or milk tea containing tapioca balls or jellies; also called pearl milk tea, bubble milk tea, or boba tea.
Bubble Tea.png
cuisine cake węzeł obszar Most of the time a small cafe where you can buy and eat cakes (main business cakes not coffee, see cuisine=coffee_shop).
Laika strawberry cake (cropped).jpg
cuisine coffee_shop węzeł obszar Serves mainly coffee, may have some light cold snacks such as cakes.
cuisine cookie węzeł obszar A cookie is a baked or cooked food that is small, flat and sweet. It usually contains flour, sugar and some type of oil or fat. It may include other ingredients such as raisins, oats, chocolate chips, nuts, etc.
Různé druhy cukroví (2).jpg
cuisine crepe węzeł obszar Crêpes (Crêpe), Pannekoekenrestaurant in Dutch.
Fruit Filled crêpe.jpg
cuisine dessert węzeł obszar Serves mainly desserts (food, typically sweet, served after the main course); use more specific tags, such as cuisine=cake or cuisine=donut if applicable
cuisine donut węzeł obszar A type of fried dough confectionery or dessert food.
Jack's Donuts.jpg
cuisine doughnut węzeł obszar was formerly proposed but hasn’t really been adopted by mappers.
cuisine empanada węzeł obszar An empanada (called pastel in Brazilian Portuguese) is a stuffed bread or pastry baked or fried in many countries in Southern Europe, Latin America, and parts of Southeast Asia. (Empanada)
Empanadas de pino.JPG
cuisine frozen_yogurt węzeł obszar Frozen yogurt (also spelled frozen yoghurt, frogurt or Froyo) is a frozen dessert made with yogurt and sometimes other dairy products. (Frozen_yogurt)
French fry frozen yoghurt.jpg
cuisine gingerbread węzeł obszar Gingerbread refers to a broad category of baked goods, typically flavored with ginger, cloves, nutmeg or cinnamon and sweetened with honey, sugar or molasses. (Gingerbread)
02014 Die traditionelle Adventkirmes in Sanok.JPG
cuisine ice_cream węzeł obszar For ice cream parlours or other outlets. Note: some mappers use this instead of, or as well as, the amenity=ice_cream or shop=ice_cream tags.
cuisine chimney_cake węzeł obszar Kürtőskalács (literally a cake of the form of a chimney/funnel/flue/duct/vent, also called the Hungarian Kalách, Szekler Kalách or Schornsteinkuchen). Being a local specialty, not many Hungarians know an English name for this meal, so expect local mappers to use cuisine=kurtoskalacs, cuisine=kürtőskalács and cuisine=kürtöskalács (sic) interchangeably. (Kürtőskalács)
Kürtőskalács megbontott.jpg
cuisine langos węzeł obszar Lángos (lalanga in Turkish) is a Hungarian food specialty, a deep fried dough. It is eaten fresh and warm, topped with sour cream and grated cheese, or Liptauer, ham, or sausages. (Lángos) The Navajo had also reinvented this dish and called it Frybread, hence some foreigners call lángos the "Hungarian fried bread", although most Hungarians would not know what kind of food that refers to.
Lángos groß.jpg
cuisine pancake węzeł obszar Pancake, possibly redundant with cuisine=crepe
Banana on pancake.jpg
cuisine pastry węzeł obszar Please use a more specific tag. (Pastry)
Lille Meert2.JPG
cuisine petit_four węzeł obszar A petit four (also known as mignardises) is a small bite-sized confectionery or savoury appetizer. (Petit_four)
cuisine pie węzeł obszar Pies, common in Australia.
cuisine pogacha węzeł obszar Pogača (Bosnian, Croatian and Serbian) or pogacha (Hungarian: pogácsa, Greek: μπουγάτσα, Macedonian and Bulgarian: погача, Turkish: poğaça, Albanian: pogaçe) is a type of bread baked in the ashes of the fireplace, and later on in the oven, similar to focaccia.(Pogača)
Poğaça bread.jpg
cuisine poppy_seed_roll węzeł obszar The poppy seed roll is a pastry consisting of a roll of sweet yeast bread with a dense, rich, bittersweet filling of poppy seed. An alternative filling is a paste of minced walnuts, or minced chestnuts. It is also called in various languages as Mohnkuchen, Mohnstriezel, makovnjača, makový závin, wienerbrød, Vienna bread, mákos bejgli, makówc, magonmaizite, aguonų vyniotinis, makowiec, rulet s makom, makovník, cozonac cu mac, cozonac cu nucă, pyrih z makom, makivnyk and mohn roll. (Poppy_seed_roll)
cuisine profiterole węzeł obszar A profiterole is a filled French choux pastry ball with a typically sweet and moist filling of whipped cream, custard, pastry cream, ice cream, or sour cream. (Profiterole)
Cream puff (cropped and edited).jpg
cuisine punch_cake węzeł obszar Punschkrapfen or Punschkrapferl (punch cake) is a classic Austrian confection of pastry with a fine rum flavor. It is similar to the French pastry, the petit four. (Punschkrapfen)
cuisine savory_pancakes węzeł obszar Japanese pancake, okonomiyaki, monjayaki and similar style.
Okonomiyaki by S e i in Osaka.jpg
cuisine snackbar węzeł obszar Please use specific tags instead! (Snack_bar)
2015 1016 Snackbar Kwalitaria Leidsenhage.jpg
cuisine snacks węzeł obszar Please use specific tags instead! (Snack)
cuisine strudel węzeł obszar A strudel (rétes in Hungarian, zavitek in Slovenian, savijača in Croatian) is a type of layered pastry with a filling that is usually sweet. (Strudel)
cuisine teahouse węzeł obszar Usually tea with a light meal that can by accompanied various items, including tea sandwiches, clotted cream, cakes, scones, pancakes, crumpets and bread, butter and jam. Occasionally there will be cold cuts of meat, such as ham salad. (Teahouse)
Tea at the Rittenhouse Hotel.jpg
cuisine waffle węzeł obszar A waffle is a dish made from leavened batter or dough that is cooked between two plates that are patterned to give a characteristic size, shape and surface impression. (Waffle)
Waffles with Strawberries.jpg
cuisine wybrane przez użytkownika węzeł obszar Inne często używane wartości, więcej znajdziesz w Taginfo

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