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This template stores the translation strings for Template:Place.

If your language isn't included yet, you can add it by insert lines with your language code like | es = (e.g. Spanish).


You may copy the "1"-lines as text template and translate the text in the copied line:

  • copy e.g. |1 = '''label: '''
translate: |es = '''designación: '''
  • copy e.g. |1 = Browse map {{#if:{{{of-name|}}}|{{{of-name|}}}|of {{{name}}}}}
translate: |es = Examinar el mapa {{#if:{{{of-name|}}}|{{{of-name|}}}|de {{{name}}}}}

See also

  • {{Place}} – main template
  • {{CategoryInPlaceLang}} – for translating the category names (separately: they must first be created !)