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When you create new language version of a page, this link which is made by this template, include a language version source. This is useful for translator.

Input parameters

bold: means required parameters. italic: means optional parameters.

  • 1
namespace (ex. de ja zh-hans)
  • 2
the base page name (ex. JOSM)
  • lang
if the language code is different form the namespace. The default value is {{{1}}}
  • display
display name. The default value is {{{1}}}:{{{2}}}.
  • preload
set it as preloading page. The default value is {{{2}}}.


{{PreloadLink|ja|Test}} {{PreloadLink|de|Java Runtime Environment|preload=Ja:Java Runtime Environment}}

ja:Test de:Java Runtime Environment


  • This doesn't check the existence of the linked page at all but the "preload" works only if the page does not exist. For existing page, this link works as just a link to edit mode, which means no overwritten.