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Usage Note

The proposed_feature Template was designed to be used to list proposed features on the Proposed features Page.

For proper use, templates need to be used in this order:

  • name - Freely chose-able proposal name - Key:highway, Tag:highway=trunk, Use_true_instead_of_yes, ...
  • category - The proposal type - Highway, Cycleway, Tracktype, Waterway, Railway, Aeroway, Aerialway, Power, Man_made, Leisure, Amenities, Shop, Tourism, Historic, Landuse, Military, Natural, Route, Boundary, Sport, Abutters, Accessories, Properties, Restrictions, Name, References, Place, Annotation, or Keys
  • user - your wiki nick
  • key - the database key - *, highway, oneway, ...
  • value - the database value - *, true, trunk, ...
  • type - database type - node, linear, area and relation
  • definition - short description of the proposal
  • appearance - how should it be rendered - hidden, free text or picture
  • status - Current proposal status - Draft, Proposed, Vote, Approved, Rejected, Abandoned
  • draftStartDate - date of the first draft in yyyy-mm-dd format
  • rfcStartDate - date of the RFC-mail sent to the talk-list
  • voteStartDate - when voting can be started
  • voteEndDate - when voting is finished

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