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Instructions for voting
  • Log in to the wiki if you are not already logged in.
  • Scroll down to voting and click 'Edit source'. Copy and paste the appropriate code from this table on its own line at the bottom of the text area:
To get this output you type Description
  • I approve this proposal I approve this proposal.
{{vote|yes}} --~~~~
  • I oppose this proposal I oppose this proposal. reason
{{vote|no}} reason --~~~~ Replace reason with your reason(s) for voting no.
  • I abstain from voting but have comments I have comments but abstain from voting on this proposal. comments
{{vote|abstain}} comments --~~~~ If you want don't want to vote but have comments. Replace comments with your comments.

Note: The ~~~~ automatically inserts your name and the current date.

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While voting

Use this on the proposal page:

== Voting ==
{{Proposed feature voting}}

<!-- Cheat sheet:
{{vote|yes}} OPTIONAL MESSAGE HERE --~~~~
{{vote|no}} YOUR REASONS HERE --~~~~
{{vote|abstain}} YOUR COMMENTS HERE --~~~~

Place your vote below. -->


Add the parameter closed=yes to the existing {{Proposed feature voting}} code. The "instructions for voting" then change into "voting closed". You can use parameters yes=number, no=number, abstain=number, result=approved/rejected and comment=A comment to summarize the results:

{{Proposed feature voting
 | closed  = yes
 | yes     = 
 | no      = 
 | abstain = 
 | result  = approved/rejected
 | comment = 

In a voting with many votes the yes/no/abstain values are best obtained by copying the wiki markup to a text editor of your choice and counting the vote templates (e.g. {{vote|yes}}) within.

If number is 0, please do not fill in the parameter! Otherwise, e.g. 0 votes against will be shown.

For example:

{{Proposed feature voting
 | closed  = yes
 | yes     = 2
 | no      = 10
 | abstain = 
 | result  = rejected
 | comment = The community raised some issues. See the follow-up proposal.

for 10 votes for, 2 against and no abstentions. It produces

Voting closed

Voting on this proposal has been closed.

It was rejected with 2 votes for and 10 votes against.

The community raised some issues. See the follow-up proposal.

See also