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Property Name Description
form Display/Style The physical format of the signal: (semaphore), (light) or (sign).
deactivated Signal Activity Is the signal still operational? Either (yes) or (no).
height Signal Height Height design of signal: either (dwarf) or (normal). Alternatively, you can specify the exact height measurement.
states Signal Aspects For variable signals, a list of possible signal aspects, each separated by a semicolon (e.g.: clear;aproach_limited;limited_clear;approach_medium;...).
shortened Shortened Braking Distance Is the signal placed closer than usual to the next signal? Either (yes or no).
repeated Repeater signal When a main/combined signal is not visible from distance (e.g. because of track curves), a repeater is installed to repeat the aspect of the main/combined signal. Use yes to mark these signals, otherwise use no or omit this tag.
frequency Frequency When activated, the frequency reading of the signal in Hertz (Hz).
voltage Voltage When activated, the voltage reading of the signal in Volts (V).
speed Signal Speed The displayed signal speed in Kilometers/Hour. For values in Miles/Hour, it is necessary to prefix it with mph.
function Signal Function The exact function of the signal, such as an Entry Signal (entry), Exit Signal (exit), Block Signal (block) or Intermediate Signal (intermediate). In the past, the deprecated value between was used for intermediate signals.
caption Additional Text Additional text specified on a signal. This tag was merged with the deprecated description, which was in use until 2014.
marker_light Marker Light Does the signal have a special light to show that it temporarily is invalid? Either (yes or no). Deprecated and moved to DE:OpenRailwayMap/Tagging in Germany.
only_transit Valid only for Passing Trains Does the signal only apply to trains that go through the following breakpoint/station? Either (yes) or (no).
substitute_signal Substitute Signal A signal added to another signal, and indicates the behaviour in cases of failures of the actual signal. Also known as caution signal. For example the train may pass the signal at low speed and must be prepared to stop at any obstacle. Either (yes) or (no).
twice Double Signal Is the signal instruction to be carried out twice? Either (yes or no).
type Subtype or order The subtype of a signal or what has to be down at/after this signal.
for Vehicle type Specifies for which types of vehicles this signal is valid. This can be multiple units (multiple_unit) or locomotives (locomotive). This tag can also be used for specifying locomotive classes or the type of traction (steam, diesel, electric, ...).