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A simple template to aid in the implementation of slippymaps. Utilises the Kartographer extension.

|lat=        required latitude
|lon=        required longitude
|zoom=       zoom level        (12 default)
|width=      width             (400 default)
|height=     height            (400 default)
|layer=      layer             ("leaflet" default (aka. Standard tile layer), "cyclosm", "cycle", "transport", "oepnv" or "humanitarian")
|marker=     no                (use "no" to remove the pin, otherwise it is shown in the given position)
|alignment=  left              ("center" default, possible input values "left", "center", "right")
|text=       some text         (no text by default)


Standard / OSM carto
some beautiful map
{{slippymap |lat=34.8 |lon=-111.76460 |zoom=18 |width=200 |height=200 |layer=leaflet |marker=no |text= some beautiful map}}
{{slippymap |lat=34.8 |lon=-111.76460 |zoom=18 |width=200 |height=200 |layer=cyclosm |marker=no}}
Cycle Map
{{slippymap |lat=34.8 |lon=-111.76460 |zoom=18 |width=200 |height=200 |layer=cycle |marker=no}}
Transport Map
{{slippymap |lat=34.8 |lon=-111.76460 |zoom=18 |width=200 |height=200 |layer=transport |marker=no}}
{{slippymap |lat=34.8 |lon=-111.76460 |zoom=18 |width=200 |height=200 |layer=oepnv |marker=no}}
{{slippymap |lat=34.8 |lon=-111.76460 |zoom=18 |width=200 |height=200 |layer=humanitarian |marker=no}}

Restriction with Kartographer extension

The following setting does not work currently

no layers selectable
You can not select which layer will be displayed per default on the wiki page. It is always standard tile layer.

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