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This template serves to create an entry in the State templates, replacing NA with the "white" icon (thus the NA in the title).


  • 1 = (mandatory) state value to represent(0, 1, 2, 3, 4, X or NA to display the respective icon,
  • 2 = (mandatory) Feature type (part of the icon file name, usually in English)
  • 3 = (optional) File extension for the icon (defaults to .svg)
  • 4 = (optional) Feature type, may be localized and translated (defaults to same value as parameter 2, i.e. the non-localized Feature type)

The icon file name must be in the form File:State FeatureN.ext, where Feature is the type of feature (Car, Train, etc.), N is the state (0..4, X, NA or empty for omission of the image) and .ext is the extension chosen.

The template can be called as

  • {{t|State Entry NA|{{{c|}}}|Car}}
  • {{t|State Entry NA|{{{c|}}}|Car|}}
  • {{t|State Entry NA|{{{c|}}}|Car||}}
  • {{t|State Entry NA|{{{c|}}}|Car|.svg}}
  • {{t|State Entry NA|{{{c|}}}|Car|.svg|}}
  • {{t|State Entry NA|{{{c|}}}|Car||Car}}
  • {{t|State Entry NA|{{{c|}}}|Car|.svg|Car}}

(those forms being identical due to the defaults)

  • {{t|State Entry NA|{{{c|}}}|Car||voiture}}
  • {{t|State Entry NA|{{{c|}}}|Car|.png}}
  • {{t|State Entry NA|{{{c|}}}|Car|.png|}}
  • {{t|State Entry NA|{{{c|}}}|Car|.png|voiture}}

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