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A template to display tag presence requirements.


The first unnamed parameter is the presence requirement, taking one of the values: required, important, optional, or forbidden. important indicates the very common situation in which presence is not absolutely required, but is needed in the default, vast majority, or such like, of cases; in essence, a reason is needed to exclude it, rather than a reason being needed to include it. The remaining options should be sufficiently self-descriptive.
The second unnamed parameter, if set, overrides the name/description text of the presence requirement, and causes the requirement symbol to be the subject of an <abbr> tag.


{{Tagpresence|required}} ! Required
{{Tagpresence|required|Description text}} ! Description text
{{Tagpresence|important}}  Important
{{Tagpresence|important|Description text}}  Description text
{{Tagpresence|optional}} ? Optional
{{Tagpresence|optional|Description text}} ? Description text
{{Tagpresence|forbidden}}  Forbidden
{{Tagpresence|forbidden|Description text}}  Description text