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Florian M.
Country Germany
State Hessen

County Bergstraße
City Bensheim
GPS Device Garmin eTrex Legend HCx
osm traces big map

UserBoxEx is a modified version of Template:User_box. I added a little extra and changed the design.


Name Description Optional
color Color of the header yes
osm_nick Your nickname from OpenStreetMap yes
name Your real name yes
country Your country yes
state Your state yes
region Your region yes
department Your region yes
county Your county yes
city Your city yes
gps_device Your preferred gps device yes
osm_editor Your preferred OpenStreetMap editor yes
lat Your home latitude no
lon Your home longitude no
zoom zoomlevel on the map no


| color = #99B3FF
| osm_nick=m0ep
| name = Florian M.
| country = Germany
| state = Hessen
| region = 
| department = Darmstadt
| county = Bergstraße
| city = Bensheim
| gps_device = Garmin eTrex Legend HCx
| osm_editor = JOSM
| lat = 49.67332
| lon =  8.62086
| zoom = 15

Just copy and change the values


For example here with a german template

  1. Create a new wikipage Template:UserBoxEx:de
  2. Then copy the following piece of code and modify the variables that begin with text_
    <includeonly>&#13;{{UserBoxEx&#13;| text_country = Land&#13;| text_state = Bundesland&#13;| text_region = Region&#13;| text_department = Regierungsbezirk&#13;| text_county = Landkreis&#13;| text_city = Stadt&#13;| text_gps_device = GPS-Gerät&#13;| text_osm_editor = OSM-Editor&#13;| osm_nick={{{osm_nic}}}&#13;| color = {{{color}}}&#13;| name = {{{name}}}&#13;| country = {{{country}}}&#13;| state = {{{state}}}&#13;| region = {{{region}}}&#13;| department = {{{department}}}&#13;| county = {{{county}}}&#13;| city = {{{city}}}&#13;| gps_device = {{{gps_device}}}&#13;| osm_editor = {{{osm_editor}}}&#13;| lat = {{{lat}}}&#13;| lon =  {{{lon}}}&#13;| zoom = {{{zoom}}}&#13;}}&#13;</includeonly>&#13;<noinclude>{{{{BASEPAGENAME}}/Documentation}}</noinclude>
  3. Finally click save, then go to Template:UserBoxEx:de/Documentation and fill it a nice documentation


  • Fix slippy map bug (parameter not parsed correctly)
  • Show the map only if lat, lon and zoom are set