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Twemoji12 1f408.svg This user is a cat
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A userbox for users who wish to identify as a cat.


Both cats that use visual and source editors can add this userbox to their user page. If your account represents multiple users, you can put subheadings or headers for each user on your wiki account page, and each section can have different userboxes in them, which is useful if not all users are comfortable identifying as a cats!

Visual Editor

If you are a cat that uses visual editor, you can add this userbox to your user page by clicking on the Insert dropdown menu in the top bar, and then select Template. This will bring up a search box, and entering "user cat" into it will bring up a search suggestion for this userbox. Click on this suggested search, and serveral boxes will appear. You can now click on the Insert button in the top right of the template menu, and it will add this kitty userbox to the location of your cursor!

Source Editor

If you are a cat that uses source editor, you can add {{User cat}} to your user page to have this userbox appear for you.

Users who are cats

Cats, kitties, and kittens, are usually, but not always, quadrupedal and furred creatures, and are quite flexible and cute! Many cats love being friendly and sharing affection, and some cats are also timid and small. Cats have very sharp claws and teeth, and can destroy anything! Many other users enjoy petting and patting cats.

See also

Users who really love cats can use this different userbox. To use this, add the text {{User really loves cats}} in the source editor, or enter "user really loves cats" into template search in the visual editor.
💕🐈 User cat
really loves cats.