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This template was designed to provide a link to the OSM Trace Matrix given a latitude and longitude.


The template takes digital values for latitude and longitude; dms format may work, but has not been tested. The first parameter should be latititude, the second longitude; both are required. No additional parameters are supported as of version 437532.

Empty syntax

{{LatLonTraceMatrix| | }}

Base url

The base url for the template is


Parameter 1 provides the value for parameter "lat=", while Parameter 2 provides the value for parameter "lon=". The "Layers" and "zoom" values were chosen based on the permalink default encountered with links to OSM Trace Matrix prepared by User:Lübeck (see this page).

Note: this external URL is dead. The link is deactivated for now (to avoid cybersquatting), waiting for a possible replacement (that's why the only link is a small edit link now).