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Clarification needed

I think this user template might be misinterpreted. I tried to add a clarification:

Please note that OpenSteetMap data and software are covered by the OpenStreetMap License. I am releasing all my contributions to the public domain, but at this stage this is really only a gesture in support of the idea of 'going public domain'. In most cases this does not have any practical effect since my contributions are intermingled with those of other users. Anyone using or re-distributing the data/software will need to adhere to the terms of the licence, unless it is possible to determine that it was contributed solely by me and/or other public domain contributors.

My concern being that maps (even maps of a particular area) have mostly been built up by several people. Currently someone might see this template, and decide that a particular chunk of map data, or a map rendering, must be public domain, which normally isn't the case. Do people agree that there's something missing there?

For software code it's more likely to have 'practical effect' I guess.

And User:Richard points out that it's a bit of a large obtrusive paragraph. Any better ideas for wording this? Could just put <font size=-1> perhaps?

-- Harry Wood 13:06, 26 February 2007 (UTC)

I would only add a short clarification in order to make it clear that other user's work might be not in the PD, not many words. As a matter of fact this is only a userpage template, of course it refers to the single user's contribs only. But a small note might be useful, anyway. Suggestions? --Mr G 23:47, 20 May 2008 (UTC)