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Target audience & Primary Aims

  • mainly existing OSMers and geo people
  • to bring the community together and talk lots, maybe map some of Manchester too
  • and to figure out what we need to do to map the rest of the planet
  • although it is being held in UK try to show somehow that OSM is global project

Session Format – Main hall only and/or less formal presentations

  • main hall and break-out rooms
  • The dining room is a big single room that can accommodate a small exhibition area as well as catering
  • Parallel activities to get more in on the day
  • Do we need a newbies track?
  • poster/bring your own demo sessions in other places
  • each presentation? Half hour? Longer for workshop ones
  • may be good to have half day one track, second half two track for both days?
  • if we thought that the formal style presentations is too much we could make one of the sessions a workshop session
  • Start and end each day with "keynote" style presentations, witheveryone in the same room, then split off during the day - ensures everyone comes in on time
  • Need a mix between formal and informal - not academic, we are about getting things done
  • have some "go out and do some mapping" sessions
  • workshops could be recorded on video


  • GPS / JOSM / Databases / GIS...
  • hows about just opening up the Call For Presentations to workshops?
  • There should be technical workshops for hackers and non-technical mapping workshops for mappers
  • get groups of people to tag their tracks in a workshop, so we can highlight common questions
  • GPS - show and tell the benefits and drawbacks of your GPS
  • It will be light after the conference finishes so mapping could be done in the early evening
  • total newbies can come on Saturday and get a lot out, gets more in to OSM on sunday?
  • workshops in the morning and talks in the afternoon
  • practical aspects of OSM to GPS/PDA for use in surveying tasks?

Session Themes & Chairs – Submission of papers/talk topics

  • map features
  • Themes: mapping, tagging, tech side
  • p2p/distributed storage for osm-data
  • converting from/to OSM
  • Using OSM data to Make maps with the OSMRenders
  • Extracting data from the OSM API
  • automating the mapping-process
  • integration in desktops
  • wikify'ing osm
  • Any other key "industry" people we can approach for a few chair positions? will help bring in non osm'ers
  • Cartography! Principles - data integrity, scale, carto-licence (moving things small amount to get in), consistency, symbolistayion ....
  • Country-by-country stuff
  • how about we try and get a view from inside - someone who is opposed to free data collection, spur on a bit of a debate?
  • someone from non-UK on problems of tagging/categorising across cultures?
  • do we want people to submit papers or just a title and abstract so we can decide - abstract is ok, with links to previous work
  • timeline for submissions - call for papers / participation immediately, deadline for submissions 1 March, provisional programme 1 April?
  • Richard posted to the talk list on 18th January as follows:
    • "I'd like to see a theme of _using_ OSM data. How hackers, cartographers, and masher-uppers can extract the data and do funky stuff with it. As yet we've been a fairly inward-looking community, concentrating on collecting and presenting the data rather than shipping it out to the wider world; addressing uses of the data could increase the potential audience severalfold."
      A few specific topics/workshops under this theme could include:
      • Getting the data into a format you can use
      • Route-planning with OSM data
      • Licence musts, must nots and myths - what CC-SA means for your map/mashup
      • Mapstraction?
and, of course, all the cartography stuff could fall under this theme, too. It might be interesting to run with this and have a challenge of producing Manchester map mashups. How about a Manchester music map? Let's get Tony Wilson as a guest speaker. Or maybe Shaun Ryder. ;)

Sponsorship & Exhibitors/Posters

  • There will be a whole host of costs for everything from printing posters and other publicity, handouts and catering
  • Posters - How about everyone who wants to gets a bit of wall space to present their mapping - The wallmap of fame
  • someone to sponsor meal on Saturday?

Fees, concessions, Registration processing

  • £20, £15 concesssion
  • £250 exhibitors

Audio/Visual & IT requirements

  • we need 2 projectors. uni will have them (will ask) but backup always good. 80n can supply a projector
  • Lecture space will have PC/laptop and projection in place. may need to ask for tech support
  • www is must for workshop spaces
  • wifi over 3G link?
  • failover would be nearest wifi cafe. need someone to go find that
  • battery chargers for all the GPSes?
  • group photos from the conference?
  • tent in the park
  • Yahoo aerial photos needed and traces - we can completely map Manchester before the conference and just leave the streetnames
  • someone needs to head up getting exhibitors?

Accommodation & catering

  • Need to see if some halls of residence are available
  • get some recommended places
  • check if Uni will allow bringing in catering
  • make sure guests less aquainted with british culture get looked after
  • organise something on sat night, so everyone has somewhere to go to and meet up
  • is anything happening in the city on the same weekend?
  • go to Manchester beforehand, to check things out

Conference support services (front desk etc)

  • just a cellphone-number?
  • Timetable and where is evrything located, registration, payment, welcome packs
  • email/wiki contact, if people can't find us, and go to an internet cafe or something
  • many of those that attend will not know the location at all. The desk normally help a bit with pointing people in the right direction
  • so when someone phones up with their lat/long, ability to direct them to the place...

Conference outreach

  • Press, meadia, advertising
  • opengeodata gets a wide readership
  • contact all the usual local media outlets, but what about the national and international circuit?
  • can probably do a pretty good job of this in the UK, what about overseas?
  • front page of OSM can mention it
  • get talk-de involved
  • linux magazines
  • do some of this soon to get interest outside of OSM
  • Get listing in 'Calendars of events'
  • online linux-radios, lugradio
  • someone in each country to work on local promotion of the event
  • call it an International Conference?

Social side

  • Friday and Sat nights to consider (+ sunday eve for stressed organisers)
  • get peoples pictures
  • Would advertise the actual event as starting mid-morning Sat to allow reasonable chance of travel to from UKers
  • Informal rendezvous point/time on Friday evening?
  • need pub/restaurant recommendations


  • 19 people showing interest on the wiki atm - there could easily be 200 on the day
  • If this conference goes well it will make organising one outside the UK much easier
  • most important thing is getting ppl in the EU interested and organising
  • Do we need to set deadlines on anything other than the call for abstracts - Registration deadline, and early registration discount
  • suggest to people that booking flights etc NOW is a good idea
  • need to firm up prices and overall envelope
  • should have a date for another IRC meeting - 24th January 2007 20:00 GMT