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[2007-01-31 19:55:18] <Blackadder> SOTM IRC meeting #3
[2007-01-31 19:55:22] <Blackadder> No Agenda
[2007-01-31 19:55:30] <Blackadder> So what needs discussion?
[2007-01-31 19:55:34] <SteveC> dekarl_Frankfurt: depends on the picture. if it was a dozen then those were all crappy boxes that were sold to make money for good boxes
[2007-01-31 19:56:05] <SteveC> so I emailed joerg about getting people from .de over.. cc'd you both
[2007-01-31 19:56:22] <Blackadder> got it. nicely worded
[2007-01-31 19:56:38] <Heffalump> _80n: ta
[2007-01-31 19:56:51] <SteveC> as you know, ed agreed to speak.
[2007-01-31 19:56:53] <Blackadder> Accommodation for any flying in needs to be considered
[2007-01-31 19:57:20] <SteveC> yeah I said free entry, didnt mention that... can't promise the earth without reference to you guys
[2007-01-31 19:57:36] <SteveC> (mentioned free entry to 80n at london mapping party)
[2007-01-31 19:58:08] <_80n> There's an allowance for overseas visitors in the budget spreadsheet
[2007-01-31 19:58:11] <rjmunro> How many people can we accomodate?
[2007-01-31 19:58:25] <Blackadder> Anyone staying up in Man will need accomm so its only the flights and perhaps an extra night of accomm thats extra for those flying in
[2007-01-31 19:58:28] <SteveC> _80n: ah, lemme look at that again
[2007-01-31 19:58:48] <dekarl_Frankfurt> SteveC: I see. Maybe sun or hp got some spare iron. All I got left are around 3/4 GHz 1U boxen with little memory so I'd call them crappy, too.
[2007-01-31 19:59:18] <SteveC> dekarl_Frankfurt: no those are better than what we chucked. Usable to generate planet.
[2007-01-31 19:59:47] <Blackadder> rjmunro: I dont think we have any accommodation sorted yet
[2007-01-31 19:59:53] <_80n> SteveC: I've added a few more line items, as I thought of them, all are up for discussion though.
[2007-01-31 20:00:29] <rjmunro> Blackadder: I meant how many people in total can fit in the conference venue.
[2007-01-31 20:00:47] <SteveC> ok D:25 is a sum, are all those amounts all inputs?
[2007-01-31 20:01:00] <_80n> rjmunro: 250 I think
[2007-01-31 20:01:11] <SteveC> ok.. you're not counting them as costs but things to be sponsored?
[2007-01-31 20:01:59] <_80n> The first sheet is budgeted income, there is a second sheet with expenditure.
[2007-01-31 20:02:12] * SteveC sees second sheet
[2007-01-31 20:03:37] <_80n> there could easily be £1-2k of expenses that we don't know about yet
[2007-01-31 20:03:49] <SteveC> sure... good start in any case
[2007-01-31 20:05:07] <_80n> The major assumptions are 200 delegates, 3 major exhibitors, 5 minor exhibitors and 5 sponsors for lunch, tea/coffee etc.
[2007-01-31 20:05:36] <SteveC> ok so I'm responsible for pulling in the dollars
[2007-01-31 20:05:46] <rjmunro> Looking at the wiki page, I can do AV facilities.
[2007-01-31 20:06:07] <SteveC> I'll pull up a list of potential sponsors and pester them. Anyone have any non-obvious names for said list?
[2007-01-31 20:06:11] <_80n> we volunteered you for recruiting exhibitors at the last irc meeting :)
[2007-01-31 20:06:15] <SteveC> yeah
[2007-01-31 20:06:32] <_80n> Blackadder: are you able to see the spreadsheet?
[2007-01-31 20:06:41] <SteveC> do we have a timetable? the wiki is a complete mess, need to split in to a seperate organisation page
[2007-01-31 20:06:44] <SteveC> I'll do that
[2007-01-31 20:06:57] <_80n>
[2007-01-31 20:07:24] <SteveC> LOL Gantt chart 0.1
[2007-01-31 20:07:41] <SteveC> so we're already late on the initial CFP
[2007-01-31 20:08:02] <SteveC> I'll phone nick
[2007-01-31 20:08:30] <SteveC> is someone logging this BTW?
[2007-01-31 20:08:49] <SteveC> nick'll be on presently
[2007-01-31 20:09:04] <_80n> Nick was promising that the Pentabarf software would be ready by today
[2007-01-31 20:09:23] * _80n is logging
[2007-01-31 20:09:27] * SteveC holds breath
[2007-01-31 20:11:50] <_80n> The main dependency on the timetable is the provisional programme.  We can't really shout about it all until that is ready.
[2007-01-31 20:12:01] -->| almien (~Ojw@ has joined #osm
[2007-01-31 20:12:09] <Blackadder> Agreed. We should focus on that if we can
[2007-01-31 20:12:18] <SteveC> almien: Hi. hope that email was appropriate.
[2007-01-31 20:12:36] <_80n> Is March 30 early enough?  Should that be Feb 28?
[2007-01-31 20:13:15] <_80n> That would give 4 weeks if we get the call for papers out asap
[2007-01-31 20:13:28] <Blackadder> I think we were thinking earlier than Mar 30
[2007-01-31 20:14:11] -->| danbri (~chatzilla@ has joined #osm
[2007-01-31 20:14:31] <almien> I was looking at nestoria - aren't they just a group of friends rather than a traditional style company?
[2007-01-31 20:14:36] <Blackadder> We need to condense the ideas of sessions/workshops into meaningful set of themes. If we can do that by next week then we can send it out by the end of next week say
[2007-01-31 20:14:41] <--| Heffalump has left #osm
[2007-01-31 20:14:55] <Blackadder> So then go 4 weeks from when we can get that out
[2007-01-31 20:15:00] <SteveC> almien: um... no... definitely a hot startup, very much incorporated. If you're still looking then def go see them.
[2007-01-31 20:15:10] <Blackadder> What do you think?
[2007-01-31 20:15:30] <_80n> Yes
[2007-01-31 20:15:38] <almien> cool, thanks.
[2007-01-31 20:15:57] <SteveC> so you mean in two weeks we send out the CFP?
[2007-01-31 20:16:01] * _80n has updated
[2007-01-31 20:16:16] <_80n> No CFP asap
[2007-01-31 20:16:21] <Blackadder> Perhaps a bit before 2 weeks
[2007-01-31 20:17:33] <Blackadder> I'm reading the notes to see if I can figure some logical themes
[2007-01-31 20:17:35] <_80n> Can we agree on the themes right now?
[2007-01-31 20:18:00] <Blackadder> This is thinking out of the box here....
[2007-01-31 20:18:04] -->| nickb_ldn ( has joined #osm
[2007-01-31 20:18:06] <SteveC> we may be able to
[2007-01-31 20:18:14] <Blackadder> Not necessarily in the order of events...
[2007-01-31 20:18:21] <nickb_ldn> evening
[2007-01-31 20:18:28] <Blackadder> hi nickb_ldn 
[2007-01-31 20:18:55] <_80n> We just need a bullet list to go on the CFP to inspire contributions, right?
[2007-01-31 20:18:55] <Blackadder> 1. Session that sets the open data scene
[2007-01-31 20:19:06] <Blackadder> 2. Session that coveres GPS and getting data
[2007-01-31 20:19:15] <SteveC> nickb_ldn: whats the rails conf tool thing status?
[2007-01-31 20:19:17] <Blackadder> 3. Session that deals with editing
[2007-01-31 20:19:55] <Blackadder> 4. Session that deals with what to do with the data coming out of OSM
[2007-01-31 20:20:11] <nickb_ldn> It looks like its going to do a lot of stuff  - more than we need, but it'll be useful.  It deals with scheduling, conflicts allocation of different tracks etc
[2007-01-31 20:20:12] <SteveC> Can we use google4domains to run mail for - simple and easy to administer? andy?
[2007-01-31 20:20:13] <Blackadder> 5. Cartography with OSM
[2007-01-31 20:21:06] <SteveC> At minimum we need an email for someone to accept proposals. We could flail around for a long time with web tools and get nowhere. whats the simplest solution?
[2007-01-31 20:21:14] <Blackadder> What themes have I missed?
[2007-01-31 20:21:17] <_80n> Developers, tagging, rendering, gps, navigation, scaling to map the whole planet, practical surveying
[2007-01-31 20:21:33] <SteveC> I was gonna say coding/developers
[2007-01-31 20:21:37] <Blackadder> Yes, 6. Databases and the platform
[2007-01-31 20:21:40] <nickb_ldn> SteveC: we can have pentabarf within a week I'd say
[2007-01-31 20:21:57] <Blackadder> 6. Maybe licence - but that could go in item 1
[2007-01-31 20:22:06] <SteveC> nickb_ldn: the pressure is on as we're already behind our CFP deadline... unless it was optimistic in the first place
[2007-01-31 20:22:22] <SteveC> but anyway we're talking at cross purposes maybe we could put a quick small agenda togetheR?
[2007-01-31 20:22:24] <_80n> nickb_ldn: can we have it sooner? what needs to be done?
[2007-01-31 20:22:29] <nickb_ldn> I think it'll be worth it - in the mean time if anyone really wants to submit, they can do it in persion
[2007-01-31 20:22:51] <nickb_ldn> basically I need to be in one place for a few hours - I'll prioritse it tomorrow
[2007-01-31 20:23:12] <nickb_ldn> and if it looks like it cant be done by the end of the day - I'll let you know
[2007-01-31 20:23:16] <_80n> thanks
[2007-01-31 20:23:38] <nickb_ldn> its rails - so =it'll be delivered in rails format, it'll need a server to run on - which Nickh is dealing with - I think
[2007-01-31 20:23:48] <Blackadder> missed the bit on email. What's the issue? do we just need somewhere to direct mail?
[2007-01-31 20:24:04] <_80n> the CFP needs to state how to make a submission so if we want people to use pentabarf then that has to be on the CFP
[2007-01-31 20:24:23] <SteveC> Blackadder: yes, it looks like the simplest way to me.
[2007-01-31 20:24:32] <nickb_ldn> yeah - so I'll get onto it
[2007-01-31 20:24:50] <SteveC> Blackadder: google can host an email server for you (plus other things but we dont care about that)
[2007-01-31 20:25:16] <SteveC> Blackadder: oh and if you have time, look at a Gcal of OSM events too? :-)
[2007-01-31 20:25:34] <SteveC> I've re-arranged the SOTM front wiki page a bit
[2007-01-31 20:25:59] <SteveC> _80n: who made the surrey hills promo poster? we need them for something similar here?
[2007-01-31 20:26:08] <Blackadder> Yeah, Gcal is down to me to sort I know.... will look at. Is Nickh the only one who can change the MX records?
[2007-01-31 20:26:23] <SteveC> Blackadder: no... you can as you own the domain?
[2007-01-31 20:26:35] <_80n> That was _Ben_, he volunteered to do something for us at the last irc
[2007-01-31 20:26:40] <Blackadder> yes, but we are using the Bytemark nameservers
[2007-01-31 20:26:56] <SteveC> Blackadder: google have docs for how to do it all - you can use godaddys nameservers 
[2007-01-31 20:27:16] <Blackadder> ok, thats fine. I can sort that out ok
[2007-01-31 20:27:25] <SteveC> Blackadder: just trying to take the shortest path... ping nick if you want
[2007-01-31 20:27:35] <nickb_ldn> so we run email via google - does it forward to use or what?
[2007-01-31 20:27:44] <nickb_ldn> we all log into a google account?
[2007-01-31 20:27:52] <SteveC> nickb_ldn: its just gmail.. you can set it as POP or forward or whatever
[2007-01-31 20:28:06] <SteveC> nickb_ldn: no andy can set up as many accounts as he likes
[2007-01-31 20:28:15] <nickb_ldn> but is it addresssed personally or to info@conf ?
[2007-01-31 20:28:24] <_80n> what accounts do we need?
[2007-01-31 20:28:24] <SteveC> nickb_ldn: whatever andy sets up
[2007-01-31 20:28:38] <Blackadder> We can have an info@state.... or whatever we want
[2007-01-31 20:28:46] <nickb_ldn> _80n: so prob one for each of the main organisers on the wikki
[2007-01-31 20:29:00] |<-- danbri has left (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
[2007-01-31 20:29:20] <_80n> I guess so.
[2007-01-31 20:30:40] <rjmunro> Ah, Front desk / reception.
[2007-01-31 20:31:04] <rjmunro> Not organising lots of desks.
[2007-01-31 20:32:29] <nickb_ldn> Being the front end manager basically, asnwering peopels questions, giving out programs, directing the hoards of peopl
[2007-01-31 20:33:00] <SteveC> ok, here's a space for hacking a CFP together:
[2007-01-31 20:34:21] <SteveC> _80n_: hope you're saving the spreadsheets for a retrospective in august on how things actually went :)
[2007-01-31 20:34:38] * _80n_ will do so
[2007-01-31 20:36:28] |<-- _80n has left (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
[2007-01-31 20:36:39] *NickServ* This nickname is registered and protected.  If it is your
[2007-01-31 20:36:39] *NickServ* nick, type �/msg NickServ IDENTIFY �password��.  Otherwise,
[2007-01-31 20:36:39] *NickServ* please choose a different nick.
[2007-01-31 20:36:39] =-= YOU are now known as _80n
[2007-01-31 20:36:40] <_80n> One item I have proposed in the budget is a concessionary admission fee for OSM members.
[2007-01-31 20:36:40] -->| danbri (~chatzilla@ has joined #osm
[2007-01-31 20:36:52] * pere is testing to use OSM instead of google maps to indicate the location of an even in copenhagen.   Check out the OSM links on <URL: > :)
[2007-01-31 20:37:07] <_80n> One item I have proposed in the budget is a concessionary admission fee for OSM members.
[2007-01-31 20:37:17] <SteveC> to encourage membership?
[2007-01-31 20:37:26] <_80n> yes
[2007-01-31 20:37:38] <SteveC> good stuff
[2007-01-31 20:38:21] <Dutch_DK> Hehe pere.. So do I get free admission for submitting 95 % of the GPS data and making the nodes, segments and ways from it ? ;)
[2007-01-31 20:38:36] <_80n> also, most existing memberships will expire before then, so we provide an incentive for membership renewal
[2007-01-31 20:38:54] <pere> Dutch_DK: I'm not part of the linuxforum organizers, so I can't promise that. :)  I'm just a customer.  :)
[2007-01-31 20:39:01] <SteveC> _80n: do you have a list of members
[2007-01-31 20:39:04] <SteveC> ?
[2007-01-31 20:39:09] <pere> Dutch_DK: but you can get to visit Oslo to talk about your OSM experience. :)
[2007-01-31 20:40:00] <_80n> The list comprises of those that were on the original vote mailing list plus all those that have signed up since (which I have in the accounts).
[2007-01-31 20:40:40] * _80n for got to mention that the OSMF accounts is now running on Ledger-SMB
[2007-01-31 20:40:43] <SteveC> ok, cool.
[2007-01-31 20:40:56] <SteveC> whats that?
[2007-01-31 20:40:58] <Dutch_DK> Pere.. I'll even spring the flight and hotel accomodations myself, if you make sure my beer and cigarette consumption is covered ;)
[2007-01-31 20:41:32] <pere> Dutch_DK: that sounds like a bad deal to me.  but I am all for switching it around, and covering travel and accomindation. :)
[2007-01-31 20:41:38] <_80n> An open source accounts package for Small / Medium Businesses
[2007-01-31 20:41:38] <Dutch_DK> (75 NOK for a ½ Liter beer in Oslo.. The norwegians are madmen.. ;)
[2007-01-31 20:42:07] <pere> Dutch_DK: you get it as low as 29 NOK for ½ liter in Oslo. :)
[2007-01-31 20:42:20] <pere> Dutch_DK: where did you buy it for 75 NOK?
[2007-01-31 20:42:37] <Dutch_DK> What ? So prices are lower in Oslo, than in Bergen ?
[2007-01-31 20:43:08] <pere> Dutch_DK: probably not, if you know where to go.  it is all about location. :)
[2007-01-31 20:43:14] <Dutch_DK> Pere, nightclub in Bergen, about 6 years ago = 65 NOK for ½ liter draught beer
[2007-01-31 20:43:21] <_80n> So we need someone to draw up the CFP?  Any volunteers?
[2007-01-31 20:43:25] <Blackadder> I've got 4 free mail boxes available at godaddy. Each has 25MB. Think that will work ok for now? If so what addresses? info obviously but what else?
[2007-01-31 20:43:49] <SteveC> godaddy sucks hard for actual hosting
[2007-01-31 20:44:01] <SteveC> _80n: I'll start a draft now
[2007-01-31 20:44:10] <Blackadder> SteveC: Maybe but just for the mo till I do anything else
[2007-01-31 20:44:13] <Dutch_DK> But its a deal pere.. I'll just make sure I buy as much Carlsberg I'm allowed to in the Taxfree.. Norway still isn't part of the EU, right ?
[2007-01-31 20:44:35] <_80n> maybe some of these: programme@, exhibit@, admin@, committee@
[2007-01-31 20:44:41] <Dutch_DK> You can get all the gmail accounts you want from me blackadder.. 2 GB each.
[2007-01-31 20:45:01] <Dutch_DK> I got about 99 invites on my primary gmail account.
[2007-01-31 20:45:18] <Blackadder> Dutch_DK: I dont have a problem creating accounts. I just want to have addresses ready and forwarding as of the next 30 mins
[2007-01-31 20:45:49] <Dutch_DK> No problem.. Want 4 invites right now ?
[2007-01-31 20:45:57] <Dutch_DK> What e-mail should I send them to ?
[2007-01-31 20:46:14] <Blackadder> Dutch_DK: I don't need them. I can send them from mine thanks
[2007-01-31 20:46:46] <pere> Dutch_DK: nope, part of the rest of the world. :)
[2007-01-31 20:47:53] <pere> Dutch_DK: one problem with the OSM links I provide is that there is nothing indicating what the maps are supposed to show.  the hotel is missing and the architect school is missing too. :(
[2007-01-31 20:48:13] <_80n> SteveC: are there breakout rooms at the Uni or do we just have the one big room?
[2007-01-31 20:48:40] <pere> Dutch_DK: <URL: > have some info on the meetings I organize here in Oslo.
[2007-01-31 20:49:10] <Dutch_DK> Pere, I'll put them on as nodes right now. But they'll most like only show up on the osmarender layer for now, since I can trigger a redraw of those tiles..
[2007-01-31 20:49:19] <pere> what is missing to be able to get some marker on the OSM map?
[2007-01-31 20:49:38] <Dutch_DK> They won't show up on the mapnik layer untill the next planet dump, as far as I understand.
[2007-01-31 20:49:39] <pere> Dutch_DK: I already inserted the nodes yesterday.  The hotel showed up on osmarendrer, but the school is missing on both.
[2007-01-31 20:49:44] <SteveC> _80n: yes should be
[2007-01-31 20:49:59] <SteveC> pere: thats coming, ping mcknut when hes around
[2007-01-31 20:50:01] <pere> Dutch_DK: but the hotel showed up without the name.
[2007-01-31 20:50:05] <Dutch_DK> pere, thats because the school's aren't rendered on the tiles as of yet..
[2007-01-31 20:50:30] <_80n> so we can organise multiple threads and breakout sessions, cool.  Do you know how many and what sizes?
[2007-01-31 20:50:30] <pere> SteveC: good.  I'll poke him.
[2007-01-31 20:51:24] <Blackadder> _80n: Think thats something we need to acertain. From what I recall there are not many seperate rooms as such around. More likely some open space available
[2007-01-31 20:51:29] <SteveC> _80n: no, and they're not guarenteed
[2007-01-31 20:51:54] <SteveC> _80n: I can ping for a plan/size info if you want?
[2007-01-31 20:52:09] <_80n> A plan would be really useful.
[2007-01-31 20:52:10] <SteveC> _80n: I don't think they have confirmation on it yet though
[2007-01-31 20:52:14] <SteveC> ok will do
[2007-01-31 20:52:37] <_80n> Also, do we have any info about catering / canteen facilities on-site?
[2007-01-31 20:52:37] <rjmunro> Is there any AV facilties built in to the venue?
[2007-01-31 20:52:38] <Dutch_DK> BTW pere.. I found out it would actually be cheaper (and more fun) to take the Oslo boat up.. Would arrive at 10 AM and have to leave at 17 PM.. "Svipturs-billet"
[2007-01-31 20:52:45] <pere> _80n: if possible, I would suggest having only one thread at the conference, to make it possible to listen to all of them.
[2007-01-31 20:52:50] <SteveC> rjmunro: yes, projectors
[2007-01-31 20:53:01] <Blackadder> rjmunro: The main theatre has a projection system
[2007-01-31 20:53:10] <rjmunro> And a sound system?
[2007-01-31 20:53:12] <Blackadder> Just need a laptop
[2007-01-31 20:53:14] <SteveC> _80n: let me pull up martins email on the catering issue
[2007-01-31 20:53:23] <SteveC> rjmunro: not sure, will ask
[2007-01-31 20:53:37] <rjmunro> I would have thought speakers would bring their own laptops.
[2007-01-31 20:53:48] <Blackadder> rjmunro: They do have radi oand fixed mikes there but we may need to book them and perhaps pay
[2007-01-31 20:54:02] <_80n> pere: I'm just trying to establish what our options are.
[2007-01-31 20:54:03] <pere> Dutch_DK: well, the NUUG meetings are 18:30, so you would have to stay one night. :)
[2007-01-31 20:54:14] <SteveC> _80n: food is down to us
[2007-01-31 20:54:35] <rjmunro> I might be able to borrow some mics.
[2007-01-31 20:54:40] <pere> _80n: right.  I just hate it when I am at a conference, and have to choose between two very interesting topics because both happen at the same time. :)
[2007-01-31 20:54:58] <_80n> SteveC: so the canteen won't be open and we have to bring in catering from outside?
[2007-01-31 20:55:28] <SteveC> _80n: I'll give you the quote in a PM
[2007-01-31 20:56:23] <_80n> SteveC: I see, so we can arrange whatever we need to.
[2007-01-31 20:56:36] <Dutch_DK> Ahh.. Well, then it's better to fly.. Do they still say "Welcome to Gardermoen, please set your watch 50 years back" during approach ?
[2007-01-31 20:58:13] <pere> Dutch_DK: never heard that one, so I do not believe so. :)
[2007-01-31 20:59:04] <SteveC> draft CFP up:
[2007-01-31 21:01:35] <_80n> looks good
[2007-01-31 21:02:13] * _80n thinks there should be something about the wiki/collaborative approach OSM uses
[2007-01-31 21:02:20] <Blackadder> We can probably open out item 2 to include other forms of base data..
[2007-01-31 21:02:50] <Blackadder> _80n: Agree with you on that one... Part of 6 though?
[2007-01-31 21:03:23] <_80n> Agreed, item 2 should be Data Sources: gps, sat images, out of copyright, etc
[2007-01-31 21:04:07] <rjmunro> Can we put something about legal issues, probably under point 1?
[2007-01-31 21:04:14] <_80n> Yeah, part of the OSM platform, but I think it needs a mention on that line
[2007-01-31 21:06:10] <_80n> 6. The OSM Platform: databases and schemas, scalability and distributed processing, wiki and collaborative editing
[2007-01-31 21:06:44] <Blackadder> sounds good
[2007-01-31 21:07:04] <SteveC> do ppl agree that I can't ping sponsors till we have a site and CFP to wave around?
[2007-01-31 21:07:15] <_80n> it would be good to cover copyright and legal in item 1
[2007-01-31 21:07:41] <rjmunro> SteveC: Why not? Sponsors could sponsor the website.
[2007-01-31 21:07:54] <_80n> it will be easier to get the message across if you can point them to the cfp
[2007-01-31 21:08:03] |<-- danbri has left (Ping timeout: 480 seconds)
[2007-01-31 21:08:07] <nickb_ldn> yes - I agres
[2007-01-31 21:08:13] <Blackadder> SteveC: Agreed, I think we should hold for another week
[2007-01-31 21:08:31] <_80n> the first contact is the crucial point when approaching sponsors
[2007-01-31 21:08:31] <_80n> 
[2007-01-31 21:13:04] <SteveC> can we agree an agenda for next week?
[2007-01-31 21:13:30] <SteveC> hold on, 80n and I will be away on the 7th
[2007-01-31 21:13:49] <SteveC> move or stick with it?
[2007-01-31 21:14:12] <Blackadder> I'm out on the 7th
[2007-01-31 21:14:19] <SteveC> 8th it is then?
[2007-01-31 21:14:26] <Blackadder> er
[2007-01-31 21:15:12] <Blackadder> 8th I'm out too.
[2007-01-31 21:15:21] <SteveC> 6th?
[2007-01-31 21:15:41] <Blackadder> Not good either
[2007-01-31 21:15:57] <Blackadder> Go with whats best for the rest of you
[2007-01-31 21:16:05] <SteveC> nick, 80n?
[2007-01-31 21:16:12] <_80n> 8th is OK for me
[2007-01-31 21:17:19] <_80n> 6th is also ok, and might be better
[2007-01-31 21:17:21] <SteveC> Ok I've put 8th on the wiki
[2007-01-31 21:17:32] <_80n> 8th it is then
[2007-01-31 21:17:34] <dekarl_Frankfurt> can someone check if the umlauts on these 12 ways are done right?
[2007-01-31 21:17:59] <rjmunro> Can I add myself to the wiki under AV?
[2007-01-31 21:18:14] <dekarl_Frankfurt> just asking cause they come out wrong in the java applet
[2007-01-31 21:18:17] <nickb_ldn> pentabarf is intalled and runnign locally - i'll cusomize it tomorrow.  It seems to want various thingslike ssl though - might be able to turn it off...
[2007-01-31 21:18:46] <_80n> rjmunro: I think you just volunteered :)
[2007-01-31 21:18:51] <SteveC> rjmunro: please do... email me and I'll put you in contact with our hosts
[2007-01-31 21:19:06] <SteveC> dekarl_Frankfurt: the applet doesn't know much about UTF8 IIRC
[2007-01-31 21:20:07] <dekarl_Frankfurt> SteveC: that explains it, thanks.
[2007-01-31 21:20:42] <SteveC> jesus, Venezuela just went dictatorship
[2007-01-31 21:21:11] <rjmunro> Apart from talking to the hosts about projectors and sound systems, is there anything else that comes under "AV, Facilities" (wireless perhaps).
[2007-01-31 21:21:34] <SteveC> wiring up people with mics?
[2007-01-31 21:21:39] <SteveC> recording everything?
[2007-01-31 21:22:04] <nickb_ldn> recording and editing podcasts 
[2007-01-31 21:23:15] <SteveC> netcasts, surely
[2007-01-31 21:24:14] <Blackadder> only if we have some internet connectivity, surely
[2007-01-31 21:24:38] <SteveC> no - the recording can be done, transmitted later
[2007-01-31 21:24:55] <SteveC> anyone have anything for me before I sign off?
[2007-01-31 21:25:53] * SteveC watched the tumbleweed :-)
[2007-01-31 21:25:56] <SteveC> ok cya
[2007-01-31 21:26:03] <--| SteveC has left #osm
[2007-01-31 21:28:52] <Blackadder> rjmunro: Thanks for volunteering on the AV
[2007-01-31 21:29:24] <rjmunro> No problem. It's something I enjoy doing, and I've done quite a bit of.
[2007-01-31 21:29:34] <Blackadder> cool