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Thetford, Norfolk

latitude: 52.41441, longitude: 0.74663
Browse map of Thetford 52°24′51.88″ N, 0°44′47.87″ E
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Thetford is a town in Norfolk at latitude 52°24′51.88″ North, longitude 0°44′47.87″ East.

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OSM Coverage

Cake diagram for Thetford.

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Residential Areas

Slice Name Status Remarks Mapped/checked by
1 Vicarage Road area Car (1/4)Labelled (1/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Bike (0/4)Foot (0/4)Transport (0/4)Public (X/4)Fuel (X/4)Restaurant (X/4)Tourist (X/4)Nature (X/4)
2 Monksgate / Abbeygate Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Bike (1/4)Foot (1/4)Transport (1/4)Public (X/4)Fuel (X/4)Restaurant (X/4)Tourist (X/4)Nature (X/4)
3 Abbey Farm Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Bike (1/4)Foot (0/4)Transport (0/4)Public (0/4)Fuel (X/4)Restaurant (0/4)Tourist (X/4)Nature (X/4)
4 Maine St / Coney Cl / Cannon's Cl
5 Redcastle Furze
6 Barnham Cross
7 Mill / Newtown
8 Nunnery
9 Castle / Arlington Way
10 Redgate / Green Lane area Car (3/4)Labelled (3/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Bike (3/4)Foot (3/4)Transport (1/4)Public (1/4)Fuel (X/4)Restaurant (X/4)Tourist (X/4)Nature (2/4)
11 Cloverfields Car (3/4)Labelled (3/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Bike (3/4)Foot (3/4)Transport (2/4)Public (3/4)Fuel (X/4)Restaurant (X/4)Tourist (X/4)Nature (1/4)
12 Kilverstone Park Car (3/4)Labelled (3/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Bike (3/4)Foot (2/4)Transport (2/4)Public (X/4)Fuel (3/4)Restaurant (X/4)Tourist (X/4)Nature (X/4)
13 Admirals Car (2/4)Labelled (2/4)Housenumbers (0/4)Bike (0/4)Foot (0/4)Transport (1/4)Public (1/4)Fuel (0/4)Restaurant (1/4)Tourist (X/4)Nature (1/4)
14 Woodlands
15 Ladies

Commercial / Industrial Areas

Slice Name Status Remarks Mapped/checked by
A Town Centre
B Fison Way
C Brunel Way
D Caxton Way & Forest Retail Park
E Burrell Way

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