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Crowdsourced search results for the Wikipedia missing Boeing 777 on displayed on a mapnik-map.

Tomnod (website) is company owned by DigitalGlobe. They do crowd-sourcing of geodata. It's not a big collaboration to create detailed map data like OpenStreetMap, but getting the crowd to help with specific targeted very simple jobs to locate certain things (micro tasks).

They had an initiative to hunt for flight MH370. They are using OpenStreetMap to present results.

More recently they've done a crowd-sourcing thing for the Nepal Earthquake

Open Data?

Being a crowd-sourcing initiative they certainly should be releasing the collected data back as an open licensed download, but there's no obvious information about where to get the data, or what license people are contributing under. TODO: anyone know more?

Seems like the data is freely available here.

Tomnod Blog