Toronto/June 11 2011 mapping party

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Saturday, June 11 2011
12:00 noon 'til 5pm
Mappy Hour to follow at TBD for dinner and drinks, etc.


Camaraderie 102 Adelaide Street East, 2nd floor.

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The theme for this mapping party is Urban Mapping. Cities such as Toronto are filled with things much more interesting than roads. These things need to be on the map. The goal of this mapping party is to survey parts of downtown Toronto to create a better urban map.

Examples of things we are going to find include

  • pubs and restaurants and stores
  • public telephones and public toilets
  • benches,water fountains and flower gardens
  • newspaper boxes and garbage cans
  • parking lots, bicycle racks and parking meters
  • Are places wheelchair accessible

  • 12:00pm: Introductions, questions and a instructions for new mappers
  • 1:00pm: We go out and map
  • 3:00pm: Meet back at Camaraderie to enter data and discuss our findings
  • approximately 5pm: relocate to a local purveyor of refreshments for Mappy Hour. This is likely to last more than one hour.


Because mapping is fun


If you are planning on attending please add your name below or RSVP at the meetup site