Toronto PanAm2015 Venues

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Use this page to record the mapping associated with the Toronto Pan Am Games in 2015. Many venues are not in Toronto but are in other parts of the GTA.

The goal of this page is to track and coordinate the mapping of the venues before the games.

Star ratings

  • 1: ★ No distinct features of the site are visible on map

  • 2: ★★ Site is visible as a generic area, with well-mapped road network

  • 3: ★★★ Stadium building appears on the map, with major roads and footways leading to building

  • 4: ★★★★ Including detail of paths, steps, grass areas, fences, trees...

  • 5: ★★★★★ Full detail, including on-site surveys to list fast-food vendors, loos, etc.

Pan Am Venues


York & Durham

Peel & Halton