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This is a proposed import of Townsville City Council's Property dataset which covers Townsville, Australia.

Import Data

Data source

Data source site:
Data license:
Link to permission: File:CCBY Permission Open Street Map-townsville.pdf
OSM attribution: TODO
ODbL Compliance verified: yes

OSM Data Files

The latest copy of the converted data can be found on GitHub:

Data Preparation

Data Reduction & Simplification

  • the data source includes property related information such as the name and legal status.
  • polygon information will be simplified to a single point using GDAL
  • redundant information including postcodes and suburbs will not be included

Tagging Plans

A simplified example of raw property data:

  "propertyname": "King Villas",
  "houseno": 38,
  "housenoto": 40,
  "streetname": "Hodel Street",
  "locality": "ROSSLEA",
  "postcode": 4812,
  "unitno": 6,
  "unitnoto": 0,
  "houseaddress": "6/38-40 Hodel Street ROSSLEA QLD 4812"

In OpenStreetMap's tagging format, this will look like:

addr:street=Hodel Street

Changeset Tags

Key Value
import yes
source Townsville City Council
source:date ...
import:page ...
source:license CC-BY-4.0

Data Transformation

First, the raw data is converted from ESPG:7855 to WGS84 using QGIS. This is exported to a GeoJSON file which is then converted to OSM's XML format using a Python script. This script performs various operations:

  • properties with a house number of 0 are removed - these properties do not have addresses
  • properties with the same address are merged - they're often next to each other, or a street passes in between them, but they have the same address
  • property polygons are converted to single points as we're importing addresses, not land parcels
  • tags are generated from source dataset
  • new data exported to JOSM's format for validation and upload

Data Merge Workflow

Team Approach

I will be doing this solo.


Overpass Turbo Query for objects with address information in Townsville:


Detail the steps you'll take during the actual import.

Information to include:

  • Step by step instructions
  • Changeset size policy
  • Revert plans


As there are few addresses currently in OSM, conflation will be performed manually by loading data extracted from Overpass using the query above into JOSM and comparing the two data sources.


Add your QA plan here.

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