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This page talks about the import of house numbers in OpenStreetMap using the dataset provided by the Municipality of Trento.


The goal of this import is to get all missing Trento house numbers in OpenStreetMap.


This project started on 06-09-2017.

Import Data


Data source site:

Type of license: CC0 (

Data preparation

The data, provided as a shapefile, contains all housenumbers as points. All the points have this fields:

  • civico_num: only the number
  • civico_let: only the letter of the house number
  • civico_alf: the complete house number
  • desvia: the name of the street
  • strada: internal code for the street
  • cap: zip code of the zone
  • tipo_num: "principale" (front entrance) or "secondario" (secondary entrance)
  • ingresso: type of the entrance
  • sobborgo: district

All the house numbers already in OpenStreetMap were removed from the dataset of the Municipality, and you can see here the code in order to do that.

The count, at the moment of writing this page, of house numbers from the Municipality's dataset that aren't in OpenStreetMap is 19987.

Tagging Plans

For each following tag was inserted the value of the field next to it:

  • addr:housenumber = civici_alf
  • addr:street = the corrispondent street in OpenStreetMap
  • addr:postcode = cap
  • addr:hamlet = sobborgo (if different than Trento)
  • addr:city = Trento
  • addr:country = IT

Since the street names may be different, a separate file to get the corrispondent is set up.

Dedicated Upload Account

The account that will perform the import is trento_import.

Data Merge Workflow

Team Approach

I'm doing this work with the support of Maurizio Napolitano