UK Developers' Workshop 2007

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UK Developers' Workshop, May 2007

  • When? Saturday May 5th from 9am
  • Where? St Aldates conference room, 40 Pembroke Street, Oxford, OX1 1BP: OSM map; lat 51.75071, lon=-1.25771 (ish); E451310, N206022
  • What? A follow-up to the Essen event. Come along and help improve the OSM codebase. Perhaps covering topics such as: The_Rails_Port, search, Potlatch, social mapping...

Who is attending

Nick Burch will be on trains for most of the day, but ought to be able to do some bits of coding if that'd help.

What are we going to do?


  • Integrate Potlatch, including Richard's API mods into Rails - Steve and Richard

Import Data

  • Existing OSM data needs importing into a new db - Nick
  • Also look at Schuler's PostGIS work - RjMunro

Movie Script

  • Automatically build time lapse movies of an area from API. May require new API methods.



If you want to hack on the rails port then make sure you have ruby, rails and mysql installed on your machine and all talking to each other. Make sure you have a svn checkout and have read the rails readme


Any queries, please yell at Richard (e-mail richard at systemeD dot net), mobile 07812 686279.