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The workshop is over. This page is of historical interest only. Here is a summary of the results of the Workshop.

On April 14./15. 2007 OpenStreetMap developers meet at the Linuxhotel/Villa Vogelsang in Essen, Germany.

Everybody who is currently developing OSM or related stuff (or is interested in doing so) is invited.


This is a developers workshop for everything related to OSM software development. Possible topics include data models and databases, APIs, editors, web sites, rendering or whatever you are interested in. You decide what you want to talk about and work on.

There is no fixed layout for the event. If somebody wants to give a small presentation on something, he can do so (video beamer is available). We can discuss issues in a big group or in several smaller groups. Or we can sit at our laptops and hack away. Please use this extra page to indicate what you are interested in etc.


While the focus of this event is on software development and not on mapping, if anybody wants to go out and do some mapping he can do that of course. Essen is currently very sparsly mapped so there is enough to do. We can decide on that spontaneously.



We will be staying at the Linuxhotel (Villa Vogelsang). This is an old refurbished villa with a small hotel and conference facilities at N 51°25'51.6" E 7°6'40.8" (51.431000, 7.111333) here, dammit !!.

The hotel has 2 single rooms, 6 double rooms and 2 double rooms with an additional sofa bed for a grand total of 20 beds. 4 double rooms are currently blocked for us. If we need more, people can bring sleeping bags etc.

There are two seminar rooms (one for about 10 people max, one for about 20 people max) equipped with beamer and ethernet networking. Also there is a lounge ("Kaminzimmer"), which is used for meals, for about 20 people.

There is a very nice park around the house with huge old trees above the lawn. If the weather is nice, we can sit/work/eat outside.

The whole area (including the seminar rooms, hotel rooms and garden) is serviced with an open wireless LAN (DHCP, Internet Access through a NAT gateway).

We are allowed to use all the facilities on very generous terms, but this means that we have to do some things ourselves, including caring for our food (breakfast is provided).


For the two days we pay 60 EUR per person. This includes staying in the really nice hotel in a double room for two nights (Fri to Sat to Sun), continental breakfast, usage of the seminar rooms, network access and complimentary coffee, tee and other drinks. Payment is by cash on arrival.

If you want to sleep and have breakfast somewhere else, you pay only 20 EUR for the two days.

We are flexible on all the arrangements, please talk to Jochen if you have any questions.


The workshop will take place in the German city of Essen, which is in the industrial and densely populated Ruhr area ("Ruhrgebiet"). The Linuxhotel, where we are staying, is a 10 min local train (S-Bahn) ride and 10 min walk from Essen main railway station.

Travel information is available at the Linuxhotel website. For public transport see also the website of the Verkehrsverbund Rhein-Ruhr and the Deutsche Bahn.

The nearest larger airport is Düsseldorf International (DUS), but there are several other airports around. RyanAir flies to Düsseldorf Weeze (Flughafen Niederrhein) (NRN) which is about 80km from Essen, there is a bus to Essen main station which takes about 70 mins.


Please add yourself to this list.. Please also add your real name (I need that for the hotel). Please contact User:Joto if you want to come.