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I would be interested to participate. But exactly this weekend, I have a fixed appointment. Is there any chance of having this event one weekend earlier or later?
RalfZ 18:30, 8 February 2007 (UTC)
Ich kann leider auch nicht dabeisein. Könnte sich jemand mal anschauen ob man in der SlippyMap Marker einbauen kann, d.h. einen Pfeil auf die im Link angegebene Position, der auch beim Ran- und Weg-Zoomen sowie beim Verschieben trotzdem an der ursprünglichen Position bleibt? Dann wäre OSM evtl. auch zunehmend für Geocacher interessant und bestimmt würden einige von denen auch bei OSM mitmachen. Hier hatte ich das schonmal angemerkt. (Nächste Woche ist bei mir in der Nähe nämlich Geocacher-Treffen und das Gebiet ringsum das Wirtshaus ist in OSM eigentlich ganz brauchbar drin. Andererseits werden Leute aus Gegenden erwartet die in OSM noch "leer" sind...)--Gerchla 08:57, 14 April 2007 (BST)

Notes at the workshop

How Can we attract developers

List of things to be done by developers

  • Inventory of current applications - who is working on them where they are in SVN
    • Status - is the app still in development? Was it ever finished?
    • Which applications/services does the app interact with/dependencies
    • SVN - short description of the app?
  • We need more READMEs - everyone will add a README by contacting the developer and working with them
  • Link from the wiki to SVN
  • Mail dev list about scripts wiki page
  • Documentation
  • PR on other projects
  • Attracting people - what projects need help with
    • Easier tasks
    • Documentation
    • Harder problems


  • Routing Algorithms
  • TIGER - import TIGER or other public domain source of data into OpenStreetMap
  • OGR - add support for the OSM data format to OGR
  • Yahoo Imagery in JOSM - build in direct support for Yahoo's AJAX api within the Java OSM editor
  • GPX photo stamper - Web app to geotag photos (in EXIF, or flickr tripletags) by matching photo's timestamp with user's GPX tracks uploaded to OpenStreetMap. Allows interactive positioning as well.
  • Capture functionnality for OpenTom - Add a GPX capture utility to the OpenTom firmware for TomTom devices
  • Enhanced 'Wiki' Functions - Build an interface to browse revisions of a location, roll back changes, etc. Visualize spatial changes. Provide a means for editors to connect and organize work in an area.
  • GPX+Photo+Audio Mobile Capture App - For some sort of portable device (Series 60 mobile? Windows CE?). Would capture GPX traces from a bluetooth GPS, take photos on demand (+geotag them), record audio on demand (+add geopositioning to the stream/metadata stream) etc.
    • user:robert suggests the OpenMoko is an ideal candidate for this. We could even squeeze this one into OpenMoko's mentorship if they were SoC-successful and we were not. However the first consumer iteration of the OpenMoko looks like it will almost certainly lack a camera.
    • An ideal application would be able to sync up with recent OSM data to allow a mapper to have a moving map of what's already completed to work from.
    • Support for bluetooth headsets would allow semi-handfree dictation.
  • Generalization algorithm, generation of varying amounts of detail at different zoom levels
  • Gazateer Integration - Improve the city lookup functionality. Enable utf-8. Utlize the web services (a related wiki based gazateer). Build AJAX disambuigation function. Allow for permalinks referencing a city name. Tighten integration of geonames with OpenStreetMap with a facility to edit the gazateer from OSM, and to display locations from geonames on OSM. Make improvements to the related MGeocoder Google Maps extension.
  • Routing with OSM Data - Development of a routing feature for OSM. This could comprise of both a front end service which overlays a route onto the slipply maps and the devlopment of a more advanced live routing system - perhaps to run on OpenTom.
  • Roll your own OSM derivative - Make it easy/easier to set-up a slippy map web site with your own particular layer. As a bonus, make it easy to edit just this layer with Potlatch/the applet/etc. so people can for example encourage people to add park benches, nice views, local meeting places, etc. a bit like Google Maps