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Event Calendar edit
  Current events
Conference 18–21 Sep2019-09-182019-09-22 FOSS4GUK 2019, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom
Conference 18–23 Sep2019-09-182019-09-24 Erasmus+ EuYoutH OSM Meeting, Heidelberg, Germany
Conference 19–20 Sep2019-09-192019-09-21 HOT Summit 2019, Heidelberg, Germany
Conference 21–23 Sep2019-09-212019-09-24
State of the Map 2019
State of the Map 2019 [1], Heidelberg, Germany
Social 23 Sep2019-09-232019-09-24 Bremer Mappertreffen, Bremen, Germany
Social 24 Sep2019-09-242019-09-25 Sheffield pub meetup, Sheffield, England, United Kingdom
Mapping party 25 Sep2019-09-252019-09-26 Mannheimer Mapathons, Mannheim, Germany
Social 26 Sep2019-09-262019-09-27 Stammtisch Bodensee, Singen (Hohentwiel), Germany
Social 26 Sep2019-09-262019-09-27 Lübecker Mappertreffen, Lübeck, Germany
Social 26 Sep2019-09-262019-09-27 Latvian OSM Meetup, Riga, Latvia
Social 27 Sep2019-09-272019-09-28 Stammtisch, Düsseldorf, Germany
Social 27 Sep2019-09-272019-09-28 Mappertreffen, Dortmund, Germany
Mapping party 28 Sep2019-09-282019-09-29 第2回まちマップ道場-伊勢湾台風被災地を訪ねる-, Nagoya, Japan
Social 28 Sep2019-09-282019-09-29 Rencontre périodique de Strasbourg, Strasbourg, France
Meeting 28 Sep2019-09-282019-09-29 Incontro mensile, Roppolo, Piemonte, Italy
Mapping party 29 Sep2019-09-292019-09-30 京都!街歩き!マッピングパーティ:第12回 穴太寺(あなおじ), Kameoka, Japan
Social 30 Sep2019-09-302019-10-01 Stammtisch, Mainz, Germany
Meeting 30 Sep2019-09-302019-10-01 Incontro mensile, Roma, Lazio, Italy
Mapping party 1 Oct2019-10-012019-10-02 London Missing Maps Mapathon, London, United Kingdom
Social 2 Oct2019-10-022019-10-03 Stuttgarter Stammtisch, Stuttgart, Germany
Conference 2–3 Oct2019-10-022019-10-04 State of the Map CZ+SK 2019, Brno, Czech Republic
Social 3 Oct2019-10-032019-10-04 Mappertreffen, Bochum, Germany
Social 3 Oct2019-10-032019-10-04 Rencontre mensuelle des contributeurs de Montrouge et alentours, Montrouge, France
Mapping party 5 Oct2019-10-052019-10-06 湘南マッピングパーティ, Fujisawa, Japan
Mapping party 5 Oct2019-10-052019-10-06 Map Ballaghadereen, Ballaghadereen, Ireland
Meeting 7 Oct2019-10-072019-10-08 OSM Hungary Meetup reboot, Budapest, Hungary
Meeting 8 Oct2019-10-082019-10-09 Rencontre mensuelle pour tous, Lyon, France
Meeting 8 Oct2019-10-082019-10-09 Münchner Stammtisch, München, Germany
Social 8 Oct2019-10-082019-10-09 SLC Mappy Hour, Salt Lake City, Utah, United States
Social 8 Oct2019-10-082019-10-09 Hamburger Mappertreffen, Hamburg, Germany
Social 9 Oct2019-10-092019-10-10 Köln Stammtisch, Cologne, Germany
Conference 9 Oct2019-10-092019-10-10 Espace public numérique d'Arlon - Formation Consulter OpenStreetMap, Arlon, Belgium, Arlon, Belgium
Pizza 10 Oct2019-10-102019-10-11 Civic Hack & Map Night, San José, California, United States
Meeting 10 Oct2019-10-102019-10-11 Réunion mensuelle, Nantes, France
Social 11 Oct2019-10-112019-10-12 136. Berlin-Brandenburg Stammtisch, Berlin, Germany
Pizza 12–13 Oct2019-10-122019-10-14 Berlin Hack Weekend Oktober 2019, Berlin, Germany
Mapping party 12 Oct2019-10-122019-10-13 Joy Diversion 8, Manchester, United Kingdom
Conference 12 Oct2019-10-122019-10-13
State of the Map Argentina 2019
State of the Map Argentina 2019, Santa Fe, Santa Fe, Argentina
Meeting 14 Oct2019-10-142019-10-15 Réunion mensuelle, Bordeaux, France
Meeting 14 Oct2019-10-142019-10-15 OSM x Wikidata #9, MozSpace, Taipei, Taiwan
Social 15 Oct2019-10-152019-10-16 Bonner Stammtisch, Bonn, Germany
Social 15 Oct2019-10-152019-10-16 Lüneburger Mappertreffen, Lüneburg, Germany
Conference 16 Oct2019-10-162019-10-17 Espace public numérique d'Arlon - Formation Contribuer à OpenStreetMap, Arlon, Belgium
Mapping party 17 Oct2019-10-172019-10-18 Missing Maps Mapathon - Putting the Wolds's Vulnerable People on the Map, Berlin, Germany
Pizza 19–20 Oct2019-10-192019-10-21 Karlsruhe Hack Weekend, Karlsruhe, Germany
Social 22 Oct2019-10-222019-10-23 Nottingham pub meetup, Nottingham, England, United Kingdom
Conference 23 Oct2019-10-232019-10-24 Espace public numérique d'Arlon - Formation Les itinéraires balisés et OpenStreetMap, Arlon, Belgium
Social 24 Oct2019-10-242019-10-25 Lübecker Mappertreffen, Lübeck, Germany
Conference 25–27 Oct2019-10-252019-10-28
State of the Map Southeast Europe
State of the Map Southeast Europe, Prizren, Kosovo
Social 28 Oct2019-10-282019-10-29 Bremer Mappertreffen, Bremen, Germany
Social 30 Oct2019-10-302019-10-31 Stammtisch, Düsseldorf, Germany
  Future big events
Conference 1–2 Nov2019-11-012019-11-03 State of the Map Asia 2019, Dhaka, Bangladesh
Conference 12–15 Nov2019-11-122019-11-16 FOSS4G SotM Oceania 2019, Wellington, New Zealand
Conference 22–24 Nov2019-11-222019-11-25 State of the Map Africa 2019, Grand-Bassam, Ivory Coast
Conference 3–5 Jul2020-07-032020-07-06 State of the Map 2020, Cape Town, South Africa

LA2 is the username for Lars Aronsson, Sweden [2]. The same name is used on Wikipedia, OpenTom and Twitter.

In February 2006, I posted a presentation of myself and my GIS perspective on the OSM-talk mailing list.



In 2005, before OpenStreetMap had a city name search function, I started a gazetteer (place name register) with links to the maps. This has now moved to a subpage of its own: /Gazetteer.


May 9, 2013: I'm now also user LA2 at

July 12, 2012: During Wikimania 2012 in Washington DC, I learn about MapStory, a project for free historic maps and timeline data.

January 25-28, 2009: I map parks and public buildings in central Linköping: Trädgårdsföreningen, Länsstyrelsen, Slottsparken, Folkungaskolan, Lärarseminariet (Engelska skolan). Instantly updated Mapnik layer from Cloudmate.

December 9, 2008: Geonames country files. The Swedish file contains 97,974 lines, of which the first is headings. There are 71,412 unique coordinates. 51,964 coordinates occur only once, 14,424 occur twice, ...and one coordinate (60°33'00" N 15°08'00" E) occurs 15 times (the village Djurås and various spellings of Västerdalälven/Österdalälven). I'm trying to understand what accuracy the values have.

No. Field Means Values
1 RC Value "1" for 97967 records, "4" for 6 records.
2 UFI Numeric values that are almost unique.
3 UNI Similar to UFI.
4 LAT Latitude in decimal degrees
5 LONG Longitude in decimal degrees
6 DMS_LAT Latitude in degrees, minutes, seconds
7 DMS_LONG Longitude in degrees, minutes, seconds
8 MGRS Looks like "32VPJ5508196462".
9 JOG Looks like "NO33-04", 62 different values.
10 FC For fields 10, 11, see my diary for June 13, 2006. Field 10 has 8 different values: "P" for 31566 records (populated places), "H" for 23241 (hydrology: lakes, streams), "T" for 21655 (terrain: rocks, hills, mountains, ports, islands), "S" for 20692 (settlements: farms, houses, airfields), "A" for 652 (administrative units), "L" for 123 (land areas: regions, industrial zones), "V" for 41 (vegetation: heaths, forests), and "U" for 3 records.
11 DSG 123 different values, indicating the type of object. "PPL" (populated place) for 31214 records, "LK" (lake) for 12684, "FRM" for 10870, "FRMS" for 7076, "ISL" (island) for 6332, "HLL" (hill) for 6268, "STM" (stream) for 3399, etc.
12 PC Blank for 97427 records, "4" for 399 records, "3" for 118, "2" for 19, and "1" for 10 records.
13 CC1 Country Code 1 "SW" for all records.
14 ADM1 Administrative level 1 Evenly spread over 22 numeric values (län).
15 ADM2 Administrative level 2 Blank for all records.
16 POP Population Blank for all records.
17 ELEV Elevation Blank for all but 17 records.
18 CC2 Country code 2 Blank for 97,775 records, "SW" for 97, "NO" for 86, "FI" for 12 and "DA" for 3 records. Where this occurs, DSG is "LK" (lake) for 76 records, "MT" (mountain) for 59, "STM" (stream) for 32, "PK" (peak) for 6, CHNM for 6, "STRT" (strait?) for 4 records. These are apparently border objects such as FJD (fjord) Svinesund and STM (stream) Trysilelva.
19 NT Values "N" for 82869 records, "V" for 12377, "D" for 2726, "C" for 1.
20 LC Language code? Blank for all but 2 records, having values "swe" and "eng".
21 SHORT_FORM Blank for 97,645 records, values for 321 recods.
22 GENERIC Generic name 465 unique values, such as "berget", "åsen", "fjärden"
23 SORT_NAME Full name in upper case without diacritics 68,265 unique values
24 FULL_NAME Full printable name, including diacritics 69,948 unique values
25 FULL_NAME_ND Full name with no diacritics
26 MODIFY_DATE Date when the records was updated Format YYYY-MM-DD. Data have been modified at 91 different dates, ranging from 1994-01-14 to 2007-02-28.

Coordinates are given as decimal degrees (fields 4,5) and as degrees-minutes-seconds (field 6,7). For many records, seconds are set to zero (0), implying that the values have been rounded. Seconds 10, 20, 30, 40 and 50 are also more common than other values, indicating that another level of rounding has been used for some records.

Records Modified year Comment
72762 1994 Data from 1994-01-14 and 1994-05-04 all have seconds=0; more variations on 1994-09-20.
435 1995 Data from 1995-08-28 and 1995-09-29 all have seconds=0; more variations on 1995-10-13. Coordinates from 1995-11-17 have seconds in steps of 5.
2661 1996 Data from 1996-01-22 have seconds in steps of 5. 1996-02-12 all variations.
213 1997
4466 1998
1330 1999
535 2000
13894 2001
1026 2002
645 2003 Most data have seconds=0, with some exceptions on 2003-01-03.
6 2007 Data from 2007-02-28 have seconds=0.

On 1995-11-17, some 286 records were modified, having seconds in steps of 5. Their latitudes range from 59°10'10" to 59°18'05" and 1ongitudes from 18°19'05" to 18°46'20" with one trailing value at 18°59'55". This is a very narrow bounding box around Stockholm's southern archipelago (Ormö, Ingarö, Värmdö).

The 17 records that have elevation are not Sweden's 17 most important mountains, just some randomly picked hills:

1997-09-22 MT 613900 164500 462 Blacksås
1997-09-22 MT 613900 164500 462 Blaxås Just an alternative spelling for the previous record.
1997-09-22 MT 624600 165300 372 Björnberget
1997-09-22 MT 625500 172700 458 Björnberget Another peak having the same name.
1998-03-27 HLL 654800 225700 106 Degerberget
1998-06-11 HLL 650700 212500 130 Kälen
1998-08-12 HLL 624400 180500 209 Hultomberg
1998-08-12 HLL 624400 180500 209 Hultomsberget Just an alternative spelling for the previous record.
1998-09-16 HLL 621759 172150 180 Nolbykullen A productive day when several records are updated, all in the neighborhood of Sundsvall.
1998-09-16 HLL 621844 171655 257 Midskogsberget
1998-09-16 HLL 622208 171914 241 Södra Stadsberget
1998-09-16 HLL 622356 171740 150 Norra Stadsberg
1998-09-16 HLL 622356 171740 150 Norra Stadsberget Alternative spelling
1998-09-16 HLL 623002 174914 76 Barsviksberget
1998-09-16 HLL 623047 174955 98 Vårdkasberget
1998-09-16 MLWND 623634 175700 175 Härnö Torn
1998-12-03 HLL 604500 162900 307 Kungsberget

April 9, 2008: In this week's planet.osm there are 180,049 occurrences of "FIXME" (down 5120 or -2.8 % since March 26), belonging to 160,017 ways, 19,336 nodes and 17 relations. The most common patterns are note="FIXME previously unwayed segment" (121,425 occurrences, down 8,681), FIXME="add the proper tags" (15,527, down 3), note="FIXME previously tagged segment" (9,521, down 2,822), and note="FIXME unreviewed oneway" (8944, down 277).

April 6, 2008: I have drawn some more roads to, from and in Halmstad, Tylösand, Laholm. I have also added lakes north of 57°N and east of 14°E, using the lake walker plugin to JOSM. Tiles@home works alright, but lowzoom is lagging far behind.

March 26, 2008: In this week's planet.osm there are 185,169 occurrences of "FIXME" (up 9,919 or +5.6 % since last week), belonging to 165,371 ways, 19,298 nodes and 9 relations. The most common patterns are note="FIXME previously unwayed segment" (130,106 occurrences, up 3,856), FIXME="add the proper tags" (15,530, unchanged), note="FIXME previously tagged segment" (12,343, down 588), and note="FIXME unreviewed oneway" (9,221, unchanged).

March 19, 2008: In this week's planet.osm there are 175,250 occurrences of "FIXME" (down 16,110 or -8.4 % since last week), belonging to 169,218 ways, 5,529 nodes and 9 relations. The most common patterns are note="FIXME previously unwayed segment" (126,250 occurrences, down 20,041), FIXME="add the proper tags" (15,530, all new), note="FIXME previously tagged segment" (10,722, down 2,209), and note="FIXME unreviewed oneway" (9,221, unchanged).

March 17, 2008: I draw the river Indalsälven from Storsjön (Östersund) to the coast, and various roads around Östersund, Lycksele and Burträsk.

March 12, 2008: In this week's planet.osm there are 191,360 occurrences of "FIXME" (down 8,256 or -4.1 % since last week), belonging to 185,827 ways, 5,044 nodes and 9 relations. The most common patterns are note="FIXME previously unwayed segment" (146,291 occurrences, down 7,995), note="FIXME previously tagged segment" (12931, down 704), and note="FIXME unreviewed oneway" (9221, unchanged).

I hand draw lake Bolmen near Ljungby and some other lakes near Värnamo in Småland, Sweden.

How to systematically clean up those FIXMEs. The Osmxapi page describes a most useful feature. Suppose we want to address ways tagged with a note="FIXME previously unwayed segment" within our home region, bounded by longitude 15-20° E and latitude 55-60° N. Here's what you can do:

 wget '[bbox=15,55,20,60][note=FIXME previously unwayed segment]' -O mymap.osm
 java -jar josm-latest.jar mymap.osm

Now JOSM starts with a huge area containing all ways that are tagged like that. This area is too big for an OSM download, but you can zoom in on any cluster of ways and download full OSM data for that smaller area.

After lakes (light blue) were added, the OpenStreetMap of Växjö looks more complete. Roads no longer end in nowhere, but close to the lakeshore.

March 11, 2008: Drawing lakes and streams downstream from Växjö, Alvesta, Åsnen. When the map says "source=Landsat, WMS" that is not a seal of quality, but just as much a warning. I don't know how good these Landsat images are. What exactly is lake, land, reed and sailing harbours? Some day in the future I hope we get a better source for water.

March 9, 2008: I draw lakes and rivers by hand based on the Landsat images in JOSM: River Stångån from Vimmerby to Linköping and Roxen with the lakes Krön, Juttern, Åsnen, Stora Rängen, Ärlången; river Svartån from Svartå (Stora Björken) to Örebro and Hjälmaren; lake Hjälmaren; Täljeån, Kvismare kanal, Hjälmare kanal, Arbogaån, Eskilstunaån.

March 5, 2008: In this week's planet.osm there are 199,616 occurrences of "FIXME" (down 12,335 or -5.8 % since last week), belonging to 194,271 ways, 4,879 nodes and 9 relations. The most common patterns are note="FIXME previously unwayed segment" (154,286 occurrences, down 12,635), note="FIXME previously tagged segment" (13,635, down 236), and note="FIXME unreviewed oneway" (9221, unchanged).

March 2, 2008: Tagging roads in central Östergötland, drawing Svartån (Mjölby-Roxen), lake Sommen (2485 nodes).

March 1, 2008: Tagging E4 Gränna-Väderstad, Tåkern, roads south of Vadstena and west of Mjölby, streets in Mjölby, Ödeshög, Väderstad.

February 29, 2008: Adding tags to old roads (line segments added two years ago) in Aneby, Gränna, Tibro, Hjo, Skövde, Karlsborg, Askersund, Zinkgruvan, Godegård. A lot remains to be done.

February 27, 2008: In this week's planet.osm there are 211,951 occurrences of "FIXME", belonging to 206,486 ways, 5012 nodes and 9 relations. (Apparently some objects have multiple FIXMEs.) The most common patterns are note="FIXME previously unwayed segment" (166,291 occurrences), note="FIXME previously tagged segment" (13871), and note="FIXME unreviewed oneway" (9221). These numbers will be compared to those of the following week, because I'm removing FIXME tags from a lot of roads.

February 26-27, 2008: During a visit to Jönköping, I collect and upload tracks from parts of the town (Söder/Torpa, Södra infarten/Haga, Liljeholmen/Rosenlund) and start to draw streets. I also try to introduce OSM to some more people. Boivie helps out with street names. I add highway= tags to some old streets in Huskvarna, Aneby, Gränna that I mapped before attributes were introduced. There are many more such invisible streets in Nässjö, Eksjö and other cities.

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