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LA2's OpenStreetMap Diary for the 4th Quarter of 2006

December 11, 2006: As if the editing applet wasn't broken enough before, it now contains a Yahoo logo, a copyright mark, and lots of little grey broken background tiles that don't show any satellite imagery at all. This was a great project a year ago. I'll check back next year to see where it has come then. Right now, this is a very small and unimportant project.

November 14, 2006: ActiveGPS from AD-Teknik AB

November 2, 2006: Nick Burch has written over at so now I don't have to.

The twenty most active map editors in October 2006 (where Ben has been importing TIGER data for the U.S.) were:

Edits User
1839333 Tiger Import
957477 (anonymous)
169590 Coastline Southern Africa
35561 dmgroom
25393 Ben
24566 Almien coastline import
16147 SWDB Upload
13999 Joerg Ostertag
13436 Gabriel Ebner
11264 80n
9760 jth
9473 JonS
9147 NR
8826 blackadder
8412 SlowRider
7794 HyGy
7159 Alban
6844 Steve Chilton
6776 MichaelCollinson
6141 davidearl
6043 GPSwizard
5785 horst
4991 Higgy

October 31, 2006: MapGeneration Project

October 26, 2006: A very useful tool in the OSM SVN repository is utils/planet.osm/perl/ with the -bbox argument. A minor rewrite makes the script output the OSM XML format instead of inserting data into the database. For Scandinavia+Baltic+Kola a useful bbox is 53,2,72,42. Whereas the compressed planet-061023.osm.bz2 is 318 Mbytes and the uncompressed XML is 4189 Mbytes, the XML for this smaller bbox is only 66 Mbytes (ways and tags not included).

October 25, 2006: Ny Teknik, Sweden's engineering weekly has an article about OSM: Glada amatörer ritar om kartan

Merkaartor is a new map editing client, written in C++ and Qt4 by Bart Vanhauwaert (bvh). Version 0.02 required Qt 4.2 but today's 0.03 can be compiled with the Qt 4.1.2 that is included in Ubuntu Linux 6.06. It compiles and runs. But what does it do? It isn't particularly fast and there is no timeglass to indicate if it is working or ready to accept new input. There is no pan. Zoom out moves to another position. Gpx trackpoints can be moved around - for what purpose? The "download from web" doesn't seem to do anything. What is the username and password asked for? There is a lot of room for improvement here. I'm looking forward to version 0.1 or so.

October 11, 2006: I decide to cancel the Västerås mapping weekend due to lack of interest.

October 3, 2006: I'm slowly editing maps from the tracks we collected during the Växjö mapping weekend.

The twenty most active map editors in September 2006 (where Ben has been importing TIGER data for the U.S.) were:

Edits User
2165146 Tiger Import
435766 (anonymous)
158165 Almien coastline import
49533 Ben
19070 Gabriel Ebner
16254 Alistair
13604 Joerg Ostertag
11845 Alban
11696 blars
11518 scoid
10226 HyGy
9911 MichaelCollinson
9573 jrglasgow
9125 SlowRider
8494 Sven Anders
7681 80n
7193 NR
6891 blackadder
6793 wollschaf
6761 Dean Earley
6135 &
5471 tgomas
4407 Michael Eric Menk
4205 Tom Chance