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Hi I'm Ulf Lamping and I'm doing some osm mapping and trying to "dive into" (j)osm development and wiki things.

I'm also deeply involved with Wireshark (formerly Ethereal), an (or the?) open source network protocol analyzer. This is basically unrelated to any geo... things, but if you have any questions about network protocols for use in osm, please let me know - I might be able to help.

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I help mapping Nürnberg and (wider) surroundings like "Fränkische Schweiz" when I'm out with my car, motorcycle or bicycle.

I've helped to mass import the Frida data of my birthplace Osnabrück, Germany into OSM. From time to time - when I'm there - I'm also updating minor stuff there.


I've enhanced the JOSM "mappaint" display by various features, in recent time especially by icons for various special features (e.g. display of shop=xy).

JOSM Icons

If you would like to see an icon in the JOSM display, you can ask me (but please do so on talk / talk-de and not in private mail!). Some general ideas:

  • feature not used in esoteric amounts (at least > 100)
  • SVG format (pixel formats like .png are not really suitable for our needs)
  • "understandable / recognizable" even sized down to 16*16 pixels
  • public domain license

... and don't forget to check, if an icon isn't already available, an overview can be found at:

Some PD (please double check license) icons I found useful as a start can be found at:

The following has a mixture of licenses, be careful to use only PD icons from this:

You can have a look what's currently supported in JOSM at: (please download file first)


I've tried to build up the community in the Nürnberg/Fürth/Erlangen area. So if you would like to visit me, why not take part in one of the regular NFE meetings, you'll find more infos at:


Please ask Nürnberg related questions on and general OSM question on the related mailing lists at

You can find more Infos about myself on my homepage