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As you can see, the participiants didn't work anything. Instead, they have been playing with the mini rail... Img 2993.jpg

...and sitting in the sun and kidding:

Img 2999.jpg

At least on one day, I got them in the room to take a fake picture. At least Nick Black, Jörg Ostertag, Steve Coast, Hakan, the unvisible man, Dirk and Jochen did attend: Img 3001.jpg

Fred had a hard time, struggling with a severe cold and thus wearing a shortgown:

Img 3002.jpg Img 3003.jpg

Luka Frelih, Frederik Ramm, Jörg Ostertag, Hakan Tandogan, Steve Coast, Josy?, Ulf Lamping

Img 3008.jpg

Jörg Ostertag, Hakan Tandogan, Jochen Topf (entering the room), Steve Coast, Josy?, Ulf Lamping, Banny

Img 3009.jpg

Nick Black, Luka Frelih, Frederik Ramm, Jörg Ostertag, Hakan Tandogan

Img 3010.jpg