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Note that this page is heavily outdated and the instructions don't work anymore. The source is also not license-compatible with current OpenStreetMap Contributor Terms -- please don't use UMP as a source.

This page describes how to use the UMP2OSM script, to import data from the "UMP Warsaw" project into osm. This is a free map of Warsaw and surroundings.

Currently it only works for streets but more work will be done soon.

HOWTO Import

1. Go to and find an area you like (less complete extracts available also at

2. Add the filename and your username to UMP2OSM Importing, working list.

3. Download the choosen file.


5. Download the area from osm to a new layer.

5.1 Save the new layer to a file and make two backup copies ;-)

6. This is how i do it:

6.1 Delete all streets that are already in OSM from the UMP layer - Never ever delete existing objects from OSM (If you're absolutely sure that given object has higher quality in UMP, make an exception).

6.2 Give the streets in OSM the right names and atributes.

6.3 Join layers (note bug #2245).

6.4 Connect the new streets to the ones from osm.

6.5 Check the whole area.

6.6 Check the area a second time :-)

6.7 Upload the area to OSM.

7. See results.

8. Move the filename and your username to "done" list on UMP2OSM Importing

Isues wit the script

  • UMP uses something like type=[0x1] for street types, i could not find info how to convert this to osm, if you find errors, mail them to me.

Unknown types are set to highway=[0x2]

EDIT: quite often these turn out to be roundabouts. Just change the highway= to secondary/residential or whatever is the greatest street meeting the roundabout

  • The script is a bash script and works only for streets.

Feel free to translate the page, and correct mistakes.