US Local Chapter Draft Agreement

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US Local Chapter Draft Agreement

The following is a working draft of the United States OpenStreetMap Local Chapter Agreement. Please feel free to comment, make changes and/or suggestions. Everyone's input is appreciated.

OpenStreetMap Federated National Chapter Agreement


A Federated Member organisation is an incorporated group of OpenStreetMap users and others with an interest in supporting the OpenStreetMap project. A Federated Member is independent from the OpenStreetMap Foundation, but contractually bound to be aligned with it's goals and objectives. It has the right to officially represent the OpenStreetMap Foundation within the territory in which it is incorporated.

The OpenStreetMap project is global in scope, but the OpenStreetMap Foundation cannot operate efficiently and effectively throughout all cultures and jurisdictions in the world. It is therefore necessary that local organisations be able to form and act on behalf of the OpenStreetMap Foundation to help establish and grow the project locally. Federated Members will represent the interests of the OpenStreetMap project in a local area and will be able to officially represent the Foundation when talking to journalists, dealing with companies and governments, arranging mapping parties, conferences and so on. From the Foundation’s point of view, Federated Member organisations will help to spread the workload and will lead to the growth and development of OpenStreetMap in new territories.

A Federated Member can be any incorporated organisation that has goals and aims that are compatible with those of the OpenStreetMap Foundation, namely to promote the creation and use of free geospatial information. It can be created by any group of individuals who are users or have an interest in the success of OpenStreetMap. It can be either an existing organisation, that already performs similar and compatible activities, or it can be created specifically and exclusively for the purpose. Typically a Federated Member will have a similar organisational structure to the OpenStreetMap Foundation and it must be contractually bound to the Foundation by signing the agreement that follows.

The Agreement

This is an agreement between the OpenStreetMap Foundation (the Foundation) and ____ (the Federated Organisation).

1 Authorisation

1.1 The Foundation grants the Federated Organisation the non-exclusive right to represent the Foundation in the designated territory

1.2 The Federated Organisation has the status of a federated member of the Foundation. If in the opinion of the Foundation the Federated Organisation ceases to be viable, for example if it represents fewer than 20 members, then at the discretion of the Foundation it's status as a Federated Organisation may be terminated.

2 Incorporation

2.1 The Federated Organisation must be, or be part of, a legally incorporated body within the designated territory.

2.2 The incorporated body must be non-profit and must have a mission statement and aims that are compatible (in the opinion of the Foundation) with the aims of the OpenStreetMap project.

  • At the outset, the US chapter will not have IRS non-profit status. That comes later. --Kate (talk) 01:40, 26 February 2010 (UTC)

2.3 The Federated Organisation will appoint a single representative who will act as the primary contact point between the Federated Organisation and the Foundation. This person will represent the Federated Organisation in all matters pertaining to the relationship between the Federated Organisation and the Foundation.

3 Membership

3.1 The Federated Organisation must run a membership scheme for the purposes of democratically representing its OpenStreetMap members.

3.2 The Federated Organisation may be required by the Foundation to provide local services to its members.

3.3 The Federated Organisation members will automatically become members, with all the associated rights and obligations, including specifically voting rights, of any ordinary Foundation member.

3.4 The Federated Organisation will permit the Foundation or its duly elected representative to inspect, on request, copies of the Federated Organisation's membership records, financial accounts and other records.

4 Termination

This agreement is terminated by either party giving 90 days notice. In the event of a material breach of this agreement by the Federated Organisation, this agreement may be terminated immediately.

[Note: chose one of the following 4.1a or 4.1b clauses]

4.1a All members of the Federated Organisation automatically become full members of the Foundation for the remaining duration of their term of membership.

4.1b The Federated Organisation will set up a special membership for persons wanting to be affiliated with OpenStreetMap. Special membership affiliated with OpenStreetMap automatically become full members of the OpenStreetMap Foundation for the remaining duration of their term of membership.

4.2 the Federated Organisation will cede control of all web presence that references OpenStreetMap including but not limited to domain names, forums, mailing lists to the Foundation.

4.3 If the aims change and are not compatible then this is grounds for termination.