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The project

Unite Maps Initiative is a stable and long-term mapping initiative that aims not only to enrich topographic and operational data in United Nations peacekeeping mission areas but also to provide peacebuilding and humanitarian actors with topographic maps, operational geo-information, search and navigation tools, and imagery and street-level base maps. Through this initiative, the Department of Operational Support (DOS) of the United Nations helps countries torn by conflict to create the necessary conditions for lasting peace.

UN Mappers is a thriving community of OpenStreetMap mappers supporting through the mapping process the Unite Maps Initiative and the UN field activities.

All the data produced is available on

Logo Contest

With this contest, the Unite Maps Initiative would like to invite all creative minds to submit their idea for the official logo of the thriving UN Mappers community.

The logo will be used, online and in print, on official documents and on merchandise of the UN Mappers community.

Contest Guidelines

  • The contest is open to anyone. Minimum age to participate is 18.
  • The logo should focus on one or more of the following themes: UN, peace, OSM, community, mapping.
  • Maximum 3 entries per participant.
  • Designs must be created in vector format.  Remember to keep the original vector files of your work.
  • All entries must be of original work, not based on existing designs.
  • The logo must adapt well for web and print use, for color, gray scale and black&white use.
  • “UN Mappers” text can be included in the design, but it is not required.
  • United Nations official logo as it is can be inserted in the proposed logo, but it must not be modified.
  • Unite Maps Initiative reserves the right to disqualify any entry at its sole discretion.
  • Submission deadline: September 16, 2020 included.
  • The winning design will be announced on September 30, 2020.

Suggested colors

Find the suggested colors for the logo in the palette below. Anyway designers are free to use whatever color they like.

Palette UN Mappers.png

Submission Format

All artwork must be submitted via email to in high resolution (at least 1200x1200 px) png or jpg format. Remember to keep the original vector files of your work.

Works received will be uploaded to the contest wikipage and in our social media channels.


The Unite Maps Initiative will acquire ownership of the winning design by assignment of copyright, and the winning designer will disclaim any trademarks and without limitation all other rights related to the design (paperwork will be required).

By submitting a design for entry in the competition, the designer acknowledges that he/she is the person that made the design and is its rightful owner.

The designer also certifies that the design is completely original and does not infringe upon the rights of any third party and that it does not violate any copyright.


The result will be showcased on our social media channels. The winning designer will receive a UN certificate.

This was our previous logo. Feel free to take some inspiration from it.



Submitted images will be listed here

The winner

The winner of our Logo Contest was Limo Kipchirchir Collins (submission 13) from Kenya, a 22 years old student at Maasai Mara University pursuing a Bachelor degree in Urban and Regional Planning. He has been working with the UNGSC Design Squad to improve his original idea and create a professional and outstanding logo.

UNMappers logo.png