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The signs and waymarks used to indicate public rights of way in the United Kingdom vary from area to area. This page seeks aid the mapper by cataloguing the differing styles used by the various local authorities.

Note: For more information on tagging rights of way in the UK please refer to the United Kingdom Tagging Guidelines.



Although individual local authorities may differ the common colour scheme used is as follows:

Colour Use
Yellow Footpath
Blue Bridleway
Plum Restricted Byway
Orange Byway Open To All Traffic
White Other (often public highways or permissive routes)

Hampshire County Council

Photo Right of Way Notes
Hampshire-waymarks-footpath.jpg Footpath
Hampshire-waymarks-bridleway.jpg Bridleway
Hampshire-waymarks-route.jpg N/A Waymarks with a green arrow are used to mark named routes. Although open to the public these routes may use a mixture of permissive paths or rights of way.

Northern Ireland