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These details scraped from the Highways Agency Website, and Transport Scotland's Website.

Please note that this is a formal, and little-used, UK government classification. It does not necessarily mean that these are the only roads which should be tagged with highway=trunk. Many UK OSM users follow the practice that all green-signed A routes (ie primary routes) are tagged highway=trunk, while black-and-white-signed A-roads (ie non-primary routes) are tagged highway=primary.

There is a map on the Transport Scotland website showing the current officially designated trunk roads for Scotland. This shows the trunk road network following a reorganisation which resulted in many of the previous trunk roads being downgraded. In many cases the downgraded roads are still signed with the old green signs.

A Roads maintained by the Highways Agency (or are DBFO/privately financed projects managed by the HA) which are designated as Trunk Roads
Trunk Ref From To Notes
A1 London limit Edinburgh Various sections along route are A1(M)
A2 London limit M2
A2 M2 Dover (A20)
A3 A3(M) London Limit
A4 Bristol Bath
A5 M6 M1
A5 Wales M54
A6 A50 A52 Short section SE of Derby
A7 Melrose Carlisle
A8 Edinburgh Greenock
A9 Dunblane Thurso
A10 M25 ?? De-trunked September 2006
A11 M11 A47
A12 Lowerstoft Great Yarmouth (A47)
A12 M25 A14
A13 London limit A1089
A14 M1 Felixstowe
A19 A168 A1 DBFO Scheme?
A20 London limit M25/M20
A20 M20 Dover (A2)
A21 M25 Hastings
A23 M23 Brighton (A26)
A23 Gatwick Airport M23
A26 A27 Newhaven
A27 Portsmouth (M27) Hastings
A30 M25 Staines
A30 M5 A303/A35 DBFO scheme?
A30 Penzance M5
A31 A35 M27
A34 M3 M40
A35 A30/A303 A31
A36 M4 M27
A38 M6 M1
A38 A30 (Bodmin) M5
A40 Fishguard Harbour, Pembrokeshire, Wales M5
A41 Queensferry Area Check
A42 M42 M1
A43 M40 M1
A45 Coventry M45
A45 M1 A14
A46 M5 M69
A46 M1 Lincoln
A47 A1 Great Yarmouth (A12)
A49 A40 A5
A50 M6 A453 DBFO scheme
A52 Derby Grantham
A55 Wales M53
A56 M66 M65
A57 M67 A628
A63 A1(M) East of Selby
A63 M62 East of Hull
A64 A1(M) Scarborough
A65 M6 A629
A66 Workington A1
A66 A1(M) A19
A68 Darlington Edinburgh
A69 M6 A1 DBFO Scheme?
A75 A74(M) Stranraer
A76 Kilmarnock Dumfries
A77 Glasgow Stranraer
A78 Greenock A77
A82 Glasgow Inverness
A83 A82 Campbeltown
A84 Stirling A85
A85 Perth Oban
A86 A9 A82
A87 A82 Uig
A90 Edinburgh Fraserburgh
A92 M90 Dundee
A95 A9 A98
A96 Aberdeen Inverness
A99 A9 John o'Groats
A120 M11 Felixstowe
A160 A180 Immingham Docks
A168 A1(M) A19 DBFO Scheme?
A174 A19 A1033 DBFO Scheme?
A180 M180 Grimsby
A249 M2 Isle of Sheppy DBFO scheme?
A259 Hastings A2070
A282 Dartford Crossing Dartford Crossing DBFO scheme
A303 A30 M3
A404 M4 M40
A417 M5 A419
A419 A417 M4
A421 M1 A1
A428 A1 A14/M11
A435 A46 M42
A449 M54 M6
A449 M5 Wolverhampton
A453 A50 M1
A456 A449 M5
A458 Wales A5
A465 Wales A49
A483 Wales A5
A483 Wales A55
A500 A50 M6
A550 Wales M56
A556 M6 M56
A570 Southport M58
A590 Barrow-in-Furness M6
A595 A66 Calder Bridge (Sellafield)
A616 A628 M1
A628 A57 A616
A629 A65 A650
A650 A629 Bradford
A663 M60 A627(M)
A696 A1 Newcastle Airport
A701 Edinburgh Dumfries Trunk from A74(M) to Dumfries
A702 M74 Edinburgh
A720 M8 A1 City of Edinburgh Bypass
A725 A8 A726
A726 A725 Erskine Only short stretch trunk
A737 M8 A78
A751 A77 A75
A828 A82 A85
A830 Fort William Mallaig Only trunk road in Europe with single track section
A835 Inverness Ullapool
A876 M876 A985 Kincardine Bridge
A887 A82 A87
A889 A9 A86
A985 A976 M90
A1033 A174 A1085 (Teeside) DBFO Scheme?
A1089 A13 Tilbury
A2070 A259 M20
A4123 Wolverhampton Birmingham Wolverhampton New Road
A5036 Bootle M58/M57
A5103 M56 M60 Princess Parkway
A6091 A7 A68
A6514 Nottingham Nottingham Needs checking as it may now be classified as part of A52