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Several Universities have been utilising OpenStreetMap, and OpenStreetMap data for the purpose of publishing maps relating to the institution itself.

While other organisations (which are not Universities) may also do this, tracking the Universities that do may help with collaboration, and may encourage other Universities to also use and contribute to OSM.

Note that information about the use of OSM for Education or Research is better placed on those respective pages, and information about the technicalities of adding universities' data to the map can be found on amenity=university.

University of Cambridge

University of Edinburgh

  • site?

University of Georgia

  • site?

University of Heidelberg

  • site?

University of Leicester

University of New Mexico

New Mexico State University

University of Oulo

  • site?

University of Oxford

University of the Philippines Los Baños

  • site?

University of Queensland

  • site?

University of Rostock

  • site?

University of Southampton

University of South Florida