Unmapped Aerial Imagery

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A list of mostly unmapped regions with high resolution aerial imagery.

link region (optional) imagery source what to map status
[1] Albania, South, around Gjirokastra Bing A lot of villages and connecting highways, reservoirs and rivers. 8% done
[2] Albania, West, near Vlore and Fier Bing Nearly everything except some big roads and rivers.
[3] China, northern East Bing everything (streets, railways, waterbodies, buildings)
[4] Greece, West (near Tsangario) Bing A lot of highways and villages 15% done
[5] Korea, especially in the North Bing quite everything mostly unmapped
[6] Slovenia, Southeast, around city Novo Mesto Bing A lot of villages and connecting highways. mostly unmapped
[7] Romania, south of Brasov Bing several minor roads most important stuff mapped