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License: Proprietary (free of charge)
Platforms: iPhone, Android, and Web
Website: https://www.upland.me/

Upland is a mobile game focused on property trading. The purpose of the game is to collect property that has or will have something of value on it, and be able to sell it for a profit. The map uses data from OpenStreetMap with a frequent update schedule. As such, players would benefit from making OpenStreetMap more detailed and adding more tags to businesses. The game was released in 2022.

This may cause similar problems as Pokémon Go, but hopefully players will only add data that is true on the ground. With players having a misunderstanding about map rendering, and the game focusing on POIs in built up areas, there is a chance that players will try to tag for the renderer. Upland players are welcomed to improve the map but are expected to follow good practice like any other mappers. Currently, users coming from Upland to edit the map generally do not make correct changes to the map but instead add fake places or data from other maps. Because of the paid nature of this game, it may be difficult to convince these users to make better edits because they have their own business model from adding the invalid data to the map.

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