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This is a proposal on how to map disputed territories. This proposal should be compatible with the well established mapping of boundaries: Boundaries

Boundaries which are tagged with boundary=administrative should only cover areas which a state has physical control of.

This tagging scheme should only be used for the mapping of official government positions and not to map claims from any political parties or other organisations or individuals.

Relation tags

Key Value Discussion
type boundary also deprecated type multipolygon is used (see software implementation notes)
boundary claim for a claimed boundary (sometimes in the middle of a river or 12 Miles away from coastline)
name a name
admin_level the admin level
country=* ISO 3166-1 alpha-2 country code of the country which claims the territory.

Relation members

Element Role Recurrence? Discussion
way outer one or more The multiple ways that form the closed border
way inner zero or more Enclaves of this border - the multiple ways that form the closed inner borders
relation subarea zero or more Refer to relations of sublevel boundaries inside this administrative level.
Note: Optional, disputed and redundant (references to sub levels may also be found with spatial queries). Also referencing other relations makes editing more complicated in some cases.
node admin_centre zero or one Node representing the administrative centre (a capital, county seat etc.), usually a town, city or village (depending of the boundary level, see place=*).
node label zero or one Node representing where to draw the label. (This is currently not supported by Mapnik rendering)