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Recording a talk with OBS - Windows Tutorial

Install OBS

First, head to the OBS project website.


Clicking on Windows will download an installer to your computer. Open this installer like any other. Click Next, agree to the GPL, use the default install location, and wait for the software to finish installing. Press Finish to launch OBS.


Launching OBS for the first time shows you a prompt to auto-configure. We will use this, as it will detect your hardware settings and optimize appropriately. Click Yes to continue.


Choose the option that says "Optimize just for recording, I will not be streaming".


This next window will create a canvas for you. Even if your monitor is larger than 1920x1080, it is best to leave your canvas at that size because a larger canvas with a long recording will take up more space on your hard drive. Additionally, as this is a screencast, choosing 30 FPS will further reduce your file size. Since OBS is primarily designed to stream to Twitch, the default of 60 is preferred by gamers.


Click Next, review your settings, and click Apply Settings. You can run this configuration wizard any time by choosing Tools > Auto-Configuration Wizard.

Canvas Design

OBS behaves much the same on each operating system. For this part of the guide, I will refer to the guide present here: User:Frederik Ramm/OBS#Configure Sources