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I am Ahasanul Hoque, working as GIS and Data Management consultant in Water Sanitation Program of World Bank Bangladesh. GIS is my passion and working with it nationally and internationally for long 10 years. During my Master’s Degree in Asian Institute of Technology, Thailand I got involved in OpenSource GIS. After coming back to Bangladesh GFDRR’s collaborative open city project gave me the chance to work actively with OpenStreetMap. After that I am voluntarily spreading the OSM knowledge arround, have been giving OSM training to different set of perople like, student, researchers, academicians, GIS specilists, iNGO and NGO personnels etc Till date I have conduted more than 23 training. Now I can see, the community is rising!!! Two year back, all of Bangladesh was almost BLANK in OSM. As a GIS geek and supporter of free and opensource projects I realized the huge potential of OSM in developing Bangladesh, a country with regular disaster threat, top listed for climate impacts. I have been spreading the word every chance I get and I finally see the community waking up. see the activities of OSM communities in Bangladesh here {}. And my journey going on....

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